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Lexmark International, Inc.

The Lexmark 1100 is used by many people who also use Windows 2000. Unfortunately, this combination will not work. Lexmark refuses to recognize Windows 2000 as an operating system that home users would install. In fact, in a Lexmark 1100 Info Sheet published by Lexmark Canda, Inc. (a division of Lexmark International) in 1998 stated that the 1100 would support Windows NT 4.0. (You can find this at http://www.lexmark.com/canada/pdf/1100spec.pdf) Now, almost 3 years later, that support has yet to come. This petition is designed to help them work faster.

By signing this petition, you agree that you are an owner of a Lexmark 1100 printer and would like to use your printer in Windows 2000 and/or Windows NT 4.0 and thus want Lexmark to provide a driver for that operating system.

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