Battered Images

This petition was started based on a child who fell through the cracks of our failed child welfare system. Child welfare refused to protect my son who was abused by his father. They allowed this man to run with my son as he continued to abuse him for ten and half years. As child welfare stood by and did nothing to stop it. No matter how many times this child was apprehended he was always returned for abuse. After searching for my son for these long ten and half years I found him by the aid of social services. And I am fighting to have his voice heard and his story told of the abuse he had suffered when the system failed to protect him.

Please help me by signing my petition in order to save another child who has fallen through the same cracks of our failed child welfare system. Thank you. Together we can make a difference

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The Say No to child abuse and protect children from a failed child welfare system petition to Battered Images was written by Anita Riddell and is in the category Government at GoPetition.