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At this very moment across the globe, people are protesting against corporations prioritizing profits over people's welfare. They argue that corporations should serve people, and not the world economy. They also argue that we are living in a world system which has been re-fashioned by the New Right over the last twenty years. These imbeciles obviously didn't do history in their Uni. studies... the "world system" has always mirrored that of the animal kingdom: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Even as far back as the Ancient Roman & Greek era, society learnt that the weak get weaker, and the strong get stronger. The stronger the army, the easier the victory. The stronger the leaders, the stronger the empire. It was often the case that the weak needed to work REALLY hard, become strong, and then succeed. Today's society is EXACTLY the same... there is the easy option of "BLAME", or there is the alternative: "EFFORT". The difference is that the "Blamers" are the weak link in today's society, being the burden for those who put in the "Effort". It is not a matter of principle. It is not a matter of money. It is a matter of justifying their weak stance in society.

If [a majority of them] leave their sheltered Uni. lives, they will EXPERIENCE what life is all about. And this is what this is all about. For them to condemn an organization like McDonalds, who recruit young people and teach them VALUES at such an age, is preposterous! It is a simple case of "Tall Poopy Syndrome"... they cut individuals down who have made the effort to become successful, because they CAN'T BE BOTHERED MAKING AN EFFORT THEMSELVES. These morons expect us to listen to them when they have had NO LIFE EXPERIENCES... operating on theories rather than facts. Taking their advice is like taking medical advice from a car salesman. Don't allow the minority to rule our democracy... a true democracy takes EVERYONE'S issues into account.

Sign this petition to protect our future. Skip signing it if you are one of the BLAMERS...

Anti-globalisation protesters have pestered and plagued corporations and economic forums extensively around the world in recent times. It is time for them to stop. Their actions defy logic -they don't want anything... they just want attention!! They are nothing more than a burden and menace on society, and THEY have created an anarchic, confrontational environment. Sign this petition if you want to decide YOUR own future...

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