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1. Support a People's Bank

Case for a People’s Bank.

The Commonwealth Bank was a successful government owned bank with many remarkable achievements over most of the 20th century while it was the ‘People’s Bank’. Among other things Australians saw it as insurance against exploitation by private banks.

The privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank in the 1990’s was a financial disaster for Australia. It came about in the shadow of government deceit, where the people were told that this was to be the last government sale of public assets.

Since deregulation, banks have enjoyed obscene profits and paid their executives multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses. The dark side of the coin shows they have closed branches, cut services, colluded and exploited legally and illegally their collective monopoly of power whenever possible.

This failed deregulation led to all state government banks collapsing and paved the way for a wave of further deregulation and privatization which can exploit the consumer.

The results are being felt by many Australian families who are having difficulties managing budgets such as their privatised utility bills.

Adding to their financial woes is they’re being slugged with an increasing range of bank fees and charges for services, most of which were given free by the original Commonwealth Bank.

There is a strong case to reverse this negative flow, starting with the banks. Options are to nationalise all banks, or create a government owned People’s Bank based on the original Commonwealth Bank model.

Australia’s federal and state governments, general public, and small and large business sectors all stand to gain from a People’s Bank.

For example, the private banks will have to fall in line with the policies and ethics of the People’s Bank. This means less profit for the private banks and more money in your pocket.

The Commonwealth Bank model is cited in overseas publications as a system with enormous merit to both public and private sectors.

We have an opportunity to again demonstrate to the world a banking system that can bring considerable benefits to the federal government and its people.

If you believe we need a People’s Bank, sign the petition and forward it to your family and friends to sign too.

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2. Stop Rutland CC closing successful business

Six months ago Emma Cannings started what is now a successful and popular skin care therapy business at the Stamford Garden Centre. Old wooden sheds were pulled down and a new wooden building put up in its place. The Garden Centre now has a cafe, farm shop, gift shop, butchers, florists and vets. The salon is a welcome addition and is a significant improvement on the old sheds.

The parking at the garden centre means that the salon is popular since the centre of Stamford is become increasingly difficult to access by car during the day as more and more residential estates are developed on the outskirts of the town. A large number of people are also able to walk to the garden centre. The salon has also been made fully accessible for the disabled.

The planning application (originally misplaced and un-actioned by the council) had no objections from any members of the public or the local parish council. However, in a shock decision, they have recommended that the building be pulled down. Their reasons seem confusing and inconsistent at best. The large new offices recently built on the outskirts of Uppingham and developments at the Ashwell garden centre make the decision even more confusing.

Their decision will put six people out of work, plunge the owners into financial crisis and damage the other businesses at the garden centre who benefit from the cross trading opportunities. It seems no wonder that the country is one of the last in Europe to pull itself out of economic difficulties if this is how the government treats its entrepreneurs. Rather than spending time promoting and marketing the business we are having to invest all our time into fighting our own local government who want us to spend money tearing down a building that is offending no one (other than local planners and councilors) and benefiting many.

As someone who has lived in Rutland their whole life I feel very passionately about protecting the countryside. Of course we must have strong regulations against buildings that could damage our beautiful county. However, this business was not built on an area of outstanding beauty. It is a one storey, attractive wooden building that was constructed on the site of some older wooden buildings of the same size. It has significantly enhanced the garden centre for the other businesses and for the people that use it.

At no point did we ever envisage that the greatest threat to the business, at a time when we are struggling to get this country out of a bad recession, would come from our own government.

Please help us overturn this decision and show Rutland County Council that, whilst we appreciate their desire to protect our beautiful county, they have got it badly wrong this time.

3. Bring Back Angel

This is a petition asking you to sign to save Angel!

The hugely successful, but suddenly cut off in its prime, spin off the Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

4. Anastacia For Russia

Anastacia fans,

We are from and we're trying to bring Anastacia in Russia. She never came here. She was very close to our country touring around Europe with her Tour "Live At Last" in 2004-2005 performing in the Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. We are wondering why she hasn't yet been to Russia, this huge territory for any successful artist?!?!?!

Now The Encore Tour is announced to follow the very successful Live At Last tour. The tour schedule is still not finalized so we might have a really good chance to get Ana to Russia some time in july or august.
Is there any chance for Russian fans to see their idol live? She's known in Russia since her huge single I'm Outta Love, she got numerous fan community - we think even bigger than the ones in Hungary, Slovenia and some other countries that Anastacia visited during her tours. We can say even more: her album «Anastacia« reached top 5 of many Russain selling charts.

Now please sign this petition so we can send it. Cast your vote here. It's just a matter of click.

Thanks and lots of love,
Russain Fans Community

5. Legalisation of drug USE in New South Wales.

This petition is for the conditional legalisation of recreational drugs. Please read then sign. There is a printed written version of the petition, which I have signed. Thank you.


The petition of certain citizens of New South Wales

State that:
* Recreational drug use has not been stopped or solved by punitive measures.
* Recreational drug use is a health issue, more than an issue of Law and Order.
* Recreational drug USE is not and never has been an issue of morality. (Matthew 26:27-29)
* Chemical purity recreational drug tests are available to the general public for commercial sale.
* Recreational drug use has become a cultural and social emblem of individual identity. (e.g. tobacco and alcohol.)
* Recreational drug users can maintain and facilitate constructive and professional employment, and otherwise lead normal, healthy, pro-active lives.
* There should be a responsible use of fear in our society.
* Through sound and legitimate communication, guidance, support and education, young people should be encouraged to take responsibility for the repercussions of their actions, and faith, self-confidence and courage in making their own decisions.

Your petitioners request that the House
* move for the legalisation of drug use. Under the following provision of successful application of a Recreational drug health test from a registered Medical Practitioner. The test could include tobacco and alcohol. Successful applicants would be given a "prescription" to be given to a registered chemist/pharmacist, thus regulation preventing overdose and assuring quality control. The unsuccessful applicants would be referred to appropriate counselling support groups for hospitalisation and treatment. All the collated data would be sent to the appropriate administration for scientific medical and authoritarian research. Anti-social behaviour could also result in a probationary application period.



7. Bring Back 'The Crystal Maze'!

In 1990, the United Kingdom was introduced to Channel 4's newest game show- 'The Crystal Maze'! The show was hosted by Richard O'Brien, who lead a team of six contestants, fronted by a team captain and a vice captain, around the maze. Richard O'Brien left the show after series four, however, making way for Ed Tudor-Pole.

The Crystal Maze tested the initiative of the team's six contestants, in 15 puzzling games, where the objective was to beat the clock and escape with a time crystal. The time crystals were worth 5 seconds of time in the Crystal Dome, where your goal was to collect as many gold tokens as you possibly could in the time achieved by the team through collecting 'Time Crystals', but any silver tokens collected were deducted from the total of gold, making it harder for the team to reach their goal of 100 gold tokens, to gain their much-deserved prize!

The Crystal Maze was sectioned off into four zones: 'Medieval', 'Aztec', 'Futuristic' and 'Industrial' (which later changed to 'Ocean' towards the end of Richard O'Brien's time as a Crystal Maze presenter). The team members took it in turns, decided by the team captain, to tackle the tasks set before them in the games, hopefully gaining possession of that all-important time crystal. If they failed to complete their task and escape in their allocated amount of time, however, they would be locked in, only to be released by a sacrificed crystal, otherwise they would be locked in for the entirety of the show. The team had a choice of four types of game to tackle: 'Skill', 'Physical', 'Mental' and 'Mystery'.

It was up to the team captain to choose the team member who was best suited to this task. The team's outfits were each a different colour, later having a 'Time Crystal' printed on the backs.

The Crystal Maze had its residents, other than the host. In Medieval, and probably the most famous of all, was 'Mumsy', who was Richard O'Brien's Mother. She was a fortune teller, who was the main part of a Mystery game, where she would ask the chosen contestant three questions, which required a lot of thought and figuring out.

One correct answer would win them the 'Time Crystal', which rose from a crystal ball. Richard's Aunt Sabrina, who was consequently played by the same actress, replaced the character of Mumsy in the third series. The Futuristic zone had its own character- the computer, which asked the team a question when they arrived.

How can such a successful show be buried in the TV archives?

8. Grand Theft Auto players say Give PS2 a GTA boost!

The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most successful series to date with the latest release of GTA3. The upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may be another excellent release that adds to the classic saga. However, anyone who has played any of the Grand Theft Auto games can tell you the two things that are missing: Liscensed Vehicle and weapon names, and multiplayer capabilites. It is not too late to request that Rockstar and their partners make these changes to the upcoming title before its debut. Rockstar is one of the most successful companies that make games today, with most of their releases being topsellers(ex. Grand Theft Auto 3, Max Payne, Midnight Club.) And yet, they have only decided to have liscensed vehicle names in the approaching title "The Getaway." (This was posted in the Game Informer Magazine. This is not mere hearsay.) All people who have played GTA3 at one time or another had a friend who wanted to play, and the person did not want to give up the controller. This is why I request that you sign this petition and quite possibly help Playstation 2 Internet make an earlier debut.

9. Lead The Way

By now you should have listened to the available audio clips of Mariah's two new, amazing ballads - Lead The Way and Never Too Far - which will feature on her upcoming album/soundtrack, Glitter.

As you might know, Mariah is having a hard time deciding which of these two great songs should be her second single.

This petition is to give the vote to Lead The Way. Not that Never Too Far isn't astounding in it's own right, but if you also feel that Lead The Way would be more successful on radio and commercially all around the world, then we need your signature on this petition.

Once enough signatures have been collected, they will be passed on to Mariah Carey and Virgin Records.

Mariah Buzz.