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The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most successful series to date with the latest release of GTA3. The upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may be another excellent release that adds to the classic saga. However, anyone who has played any of the Grand Theft Auto games can tell you the two things that are missing: Liscensed Vehicle and weapon names, and multiplayer capabilites. It is not too late to request that Rockstar and their partners make these changes to the upcoming title before its debut. Rockstar is one of the most successful companies that make games today, with most of their releases being topsellers(ex. Grand Theft Auto 3, Max Payne, Midnight Club.) And yet, they have only decided to have liscensed vehicle names in the approaching title "The Getaway." (This was posted in the Game Informer Magazine. This is not mere hearsay.) All people who have played GTA3 at one time or another had a friend who wanted to play, and the person did not want to give up the controller. This is why I request that you sign this petition and quite possibly help Playstation 2 Internet make an earlier debut.

Dear Rockstar Games (Take-Two Inc.), we the owners and players of your series "Grand Theft Auto" would like to formally request that you obtain liscensed vehicle and weapon names and/or provide mulitplayer support via splitscreen and/or internet. Doing so will greatly help interest in your titles. It is to my belief that GTA Vice City will not be released until October, and that gives your company plenty of time to redo the vehicle models and weapon models and rename them as well. Doing this will greatly even out the chances of PS2 internet making an earlier arrival than expected in the U.S. We thank you for your consideration and time and also hope that you may complete a few of these requests.

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