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Chatsworth TV, Channel 4.

In 1990, the United Kingdom was introduced to Channel 4's newest game show- 'The Crystal Maze'! The show was hosted by Richard O'Brien, who lead a team of six contestants, fronted by a team captain and a vice captain, around the maze. Richard O'Brien left the show after series four, however, making way for Ed Tudor-Pole.

The Crystal Maze tested the initiative of the team's six contestants, in 15 puzzling games, where the objective was to beat the clock and escape with a time crystal. The time crystals were worth 5 seconds of time in the Crystal Dome, where your goal was to collect as many gold tokens as you possibly could in the time achieved by the team through collecting 'Time Crystals', but any silver tokens collected were deducted from the total of gold, making it harder for the team to reach their goal of 100 gold tokens, to gain their much-deserved prize!

The Crystal Maze was sectioned off into four zones: 'Medieval', 'Aztec', 'Futuristic' and 'Industrial' (which later changed to 'Ocean' towards the end of Richard O'Brien's time as a Crystal Maze presenter). The team members took it in turns, decided by the team captain, to tackle the tasks set before them in the games, hopefully gaining possession of that all-important time crystal. If they failed to complete their task and escape in their allocated amount of time, however, they would be locked in, only to be released by a sacrificed crystal, otherwise they would be locked in for the entirety of the show. The team had a choice of four types of game to tackle: 'Skill', 'Physical', 'Mental' and 'Mystery'.

It was up to the team captain to choose the team member who was best suited to this task. The team's outfits were each a different colour, later having a 'Time Crystal' printed on the backs.

The Crystal Maze had its residents, other than the host. In Medieval, and probably the most famous of all, was 'Mumsy', who was Richard O'Brien's Mother. She was a fortune teller, who was the main part of a Mystery game, where she would ask the chosen contestant three questions, which required a lot of thought and figuring out.

One correct answer would win them the 'Time Crystal', which rose from a crystal ball. Richard's Aunt Sabrina, who was consequently played by the same actress, replaced the character of Mumsy in the third series. The Futuristic zone had its own character- the computer, which asked the team a question when they arrived.

How can such a successful show be buried in the TV archives?

The Crystal Maze was one of the most successful shows of its time, with viewers tuning in to watch the show in their millions, in different countries all over the world! Why should such a successful show be buried in TV's archives?

Please sign this petition so we can show its creators just how much the show was enjoyed, and by so many people. Hopefully this extra ordinary, captivating and much-loved show will be resurrected, and brought back to the present day, where it belongs!

Thank you!

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