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Anastacia fans,

We are from Only-Anastacia.ru and we're trying to bring Anastacia in Russia. She never came here. She was very close to our country touring around Europe with her Tour "Live At Last" in 2004-2005 performing in the Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. We are wondering why she hasn't yet been to Russia, this huge territory for any successful artist?!?!?!

Now The Encore Tour is announced to follow the very successful Live At Last tour. The tour schedule is still not finalized so we might have a really good chance to get Ana to Russia some time in july or august.
Is there any chance for Russian fans to see their idol live? She's known in Russia since her huge single I'm Outta Love, she got numerous fan community - we think even bigger than the ones in Hungary, Slovenia and some other countries that Anastacia visited during her tours. We can say even more: her album «Anastacia« reached top 5 of many Russain selling charts.

Now please sign this petition so we can send it. Cast your vote here. It's just a matter of click.

Thanks and lots of love,
Russain Fans Community

We want Anastacia's concert in Russia!!!

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