Education Depts., Politicians, Parent's Associations

In November the Australian Senate will vote on the Howard Government's new schools' funding bill. There will be no real increase for the public schools that educate 70% of the Australia's students.

The States Grants Bill -
- Delivers funding increases to already privileged private schools
- Provides no real increases for public schools
- provides 70% of students with only 32% of the funding
- fails to provide an accurate measure of a schools need
- allows unregulated expansion of private schools at the expense of public schools
- makes it so much harder for public schools to continue to offer the high quality education.

This petition will be forwared to the Democrats, and the ALP senators along the the Greens and Independants from other states who have majority in the senate.

Urge the Democrats and the ALP to vote against the States Grants Bill.

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