Dare County Board of Education
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We the students of Manteo High School, hereby request the removal of Joyce Bell from the Manteo High School Bus Driver Position. All of the undersigned students feel that our Constitutional and Civil Rights are being violated, as well as the safety guidlines that all bus drivers must follow in transporting each of us to and from school each day.

We are being denied fair and humane treatment while riding to and from school on her bus #48 as required by state law. Students are being sworn at, yelled at, she will jam on the breaks of the bus to get the attention of students, which has already caused significant harm and injuries to a few of the students that are daily passengers.

She uses extreme profanity with the students, especially the boys, in a sexually harassing way. We the students of Manteo High School deserve a safe and pleasant ride to and from school each day without fear, and without feeling verbally abused during our daily rides. We are continuously late in getting home to our families because she will pull off onto the side of the road, (does not matter where)which sometimes puts us all in danger of being hit by another vehicle. She has gotton angry with some students and has made them get off the bus to walk home. From Manteo to the beach is a long haul, and we do not appreciate her treating us this way.

Our parents pay towns, and county taxes in order to provide money to pay the salaries of the bus driver's as well as several school officials at the Board's level on down to the custodians. We all are under the age of Eighteen, and feel that our complaints as well as our parents complaints are falling on deaf ears.

This petition is to serve as documentation of our treatment by this woman, and to open the school boards eyes and ears. We want action taken now! Before anyone else's rights are violated,or we get into an accident or worse, this woman needs to be removed and released from her position.

Respectfully Yours,
The Students of Manteo High School Bus #48

We, the undersigned, petition for the removal of Manteo High School Bus Driver Joyce Bell from Bus #48.

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