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1. Support Wide Bay Motor Complex - Off Road Track

Wide Bay Motor Complex Inc. was founded in 2010 to be the guiding entity in the development of a multi-purpose driver training and motorsports facility for the Wide Bay region.

WBMC Inc has currently identified a site and are focussing our efforts towards developing a facility which will hopefully include a off road buggy tracks, Dragstrip, Speedway and Circuit incorporating driver training facilities as well as some smaller components such as Mower Racing, Jet Sprint Boats, 4x4 course.

To assist in securing funding, we must demonstrate publicly that there is significant demand for such a facility and as such, we ask for your support in signing this document.

2. Stop Rezoning of Hess/Speedway Gasoline Station at 412 Fort Salonga Road Northport, NY


1. Close proximity to residential neighboring properties .

2. Adverse affect on property values

3. Another 24 hour convenience store & gas station located less than a quarter mile away. A 24 hour 7-11 within a half mile. Stop & shop grocery store right across the street that's open till 12 at night.

4. Minimum rear yard set back required is 25 feet. Proposed site plan is 15 feet to residential property in the rear of new proposed convenience store.

5. As per town code 198-32.c-11 section A paragraph 2. Total retail space shall not exceed 1500 square feet, refer to site plan for proposed 1692 square foot retail space.

6. As per Town Code 198-32.C-11 section B paragraph 1. No parking or loading area shall be located within a required rear yard or any contiguous yard that abuts a residence district boundary or property used for residential purposes, refer to site plan for proposed parking plans of 19 feet from residential property.

7. As per Town Code 198-32. C-11 section C. Height requirement per town code is maximum 30 feet, proposed 35 feet per site plan.

8. As per Town Code 198-32. C-11 section C paragraph 1. There shall be not less than 150 feet of frontage on each street on which the lot fronts. Catherine Street frontage is only 124.83 feet as per site plan

9. As per Town Code 198.32. C-11 section C paragraph 2. No side or rear yard adjacent to the residence district boundary shall be less than 50 feet.

10. Added traffic to an already busy road.

11. Noise Pollution & garbage debris.

12. Fuel trucks deliver fuel past 11:00 pm almost every night of the week.

3. Allow driver/crew children in pits

By not allowing children of driver/crews/officials in the pits we are losing the future drivers and crews.

We can understand not allowing public children in the pits. But for a family based sport it's deplorable to have a blanket ban on the future with these kids. If so speedway will a thing of the past.

The sport needs a future.

4. Stock Car Racing at the Orange Show

For Sixty Three consecutive years stock car racing has been a family past time at the Orange Show Speedway. Many racing greats began their careers here, and we would like that to continue for another Sixty Three years.

Please share your contact information so we may alert you to the latest efforts, and critical public hearings and meetings. You can opt out at any time. Your information will remain confidential and used only for our effort.

5. Save the Nashville Fairgrounds

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has announced he is closing the Nashville Fairgrounds and Speedway. This will displace the flea market and vendors; close the racetrack forever; and leave no place to hold the Tennessee State Fair. Mayor Dean has said the land is more valuable if he can pave over it and develop the 120 acres into a dense mix-use development, yet has not backed this idea up with any concrete plans.

Please note, if you signed an earlier petition, thank you, but please sign this petition and share your email address so we can alert you to critical public hearings and meetings. We promise not to sell your email or spam you, and will keep communication to a bare minimum. You will have the ability to opt out at any time.

Please forward this to your friends and family. Thank you!

6. Bring Back Wimbledon Speedway

Wimbledon Speedway was founded in 1928 and have raced at Wimbledon Stadium, Plough Lane between 1928 and 1991 and again from 2002, until the stadium owners refused to extend our tenancy at the end of 2005.

The club has won multiple League Championships, World Individual Titles and many other domestic trophies, and are the most successful professional team sports club in the borough.

After five years away from the track, our efforts are now concentrated on bringing the club back to a competitive existence within its spiritual home.

For this we simply require the support of the local council, London Borough of Merton.

Please sign the petition, completing all the required fields, to show your support for the return of the Wimbledon 'Dons' Speedway Club.

7. Stop the Sale of the O.C. Fair & Events Center

Due to the current budget crisis in California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed selling a number of "under-utilized" fairgrounds, arenas and parks owned by the state.

While this plan has been on the table for quite some time now, the neighboring home owners, citizens of Orange County and the Business Owners who utilize the O.C. Fair & Events Center have just now been made aware of the possibility. Other sites considered for sale have been able to stop the proceedings by gaining a large amount of local support and providing a substantial amount of proof that the site is not "under-utilized".

We wish to stop the sale of the fairgrounds based on the heritage it brings to Orange County, the programs it houses to benefit our children, and the many small businesses that count on it for their survival. If it is sold there is no guarantee of what may take it's place and/or how it will be run.

8. No to Speedway at Oldnall Road

A planning application has been sent to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to apply to build a speedway track on a piece of greenbelt land.

This petition has been set up to oppose the application on the basis this land is not only of great historical significance but also because it is totally unsuitable for use as a speedway venue as it will affect the peace, enjoyment and integrity of this land and surrounding area.

Please see:

9. Bring Back Halifax Speedway

Halifax Speedway re-emerged in 1965 and raced at The Shay Stadium until 1986, until the site was closed due to rows over money with Halifax Town FC.

It moved 'temporarily' to Odsal Stadium in Bradford in March 1986 and continued there until 1997 (the year we won the League) and this was closed due to the supposed Super Dome which has never been built and until present there has been no Speedway team running in West Yorkshire.

The speedway team had such a large following in the town that it outstripped the Football Club hands down for support at meetings and had a very loyal travelling support at away tracks.

Now after more than 20 years away of no speedway at Halifax and through fervent campaigning and backing from the management and by supporters, the time has come to push for a concerted effort to bring the club back to League existence. To aid us in this endeavour we primarily need the support of the local council, Calderdale MBC.

Please sign the petition, completing all the required fields, to show your support for the return of Halifax Dukes Speedway in our fine County.

Please note. We do require your name for signatures to be valid. Your email and street address are also required, but they WILL NOT be displayed publicly.

10. Bring Back Cradley Speedway

Cradley Speedway was founded in 1947 and raced at Dudley Wood Stadium for almost 50 years, until the site was sold for housing development in 1995.

The club won League Championships, World Individual Titles and other domestic trophies as the most successful and best supported professional sports club in the borough.

After more than ten years away from the track and constant campaigning by supporters, we have now reached the culmination of a concerted effort to bring the club back to competitive existence. For this we simply require the support of the local council, Dudley MBC.

Please sign the petition, completing all the required fields, to show your support for the return of Cradley Speedway.

Please note. We do require your name for signatures to be valid. Your email and street address are also required, but they WILL NOT be displayed publicly.

11. Cease the Debris Caution in NASCAR

Over the past year or two, NASCAR has been phasing in the debris caution more and more in racing. The caution flag is thrown for debris most times once the field is spread out and the racing becomes boring by NASCAR's standards. Fans and drivers grumble about this week after week, but it's time to do something about it.

The caution flag should be used for safety - not fixing races. As a goal, this petition wishes to reach 70,000 signatures. This would equal the 70,000 race fans that were present at the spring California race of 2007 (per in which a late debris caution was thrown. The yellow flag changed the face of the race completely.

In an LA times article Jimmie Johnson had this to say about the late caution: "If anyone did see the debris, I'd like to know where it was," Johnson said. Asked about the predictable nature of the yellow flags, Johnson said, "It did seem like there was one coming."

Drivers, fans, and even the TV crew are no longer surprised by these fantom debris cautions. These actions should be taken:
(1) TV cameras should show NASCAR crews picking up debris after a debris caution.
(2) NASCAR should eliminate tracks from the schedule that cause this "boring" racing.

If these actions are taken, NASCAR may gain respect back from fans and teams that are now wondering about the integrity of the sport.

12. Drag Strip/Speedway In The GTA

Hey All,

I recently went to a local police meeting on May 22nd 2002. They were discussing the amount of street racing that happens in the GTA. They say that in the GTA area alone there is about 20,000 modified cars (this number does not include the amount of the older hot rods of the earlier decades). The persons that attended this meeting owned at least 1 if not svereal modified cars.

When all the talking was done the officers and the people talked about certain issues and 1 of theses issues was concerning a local dragway/speedway.

We all came to the conclusion that the government is not really gonna consider sponsoring such a thing so here I am bringing all of this forward to all of the people. I am hoping that this petition will spark really well. Who know's maybe some things can happen like someone actually putting up a speedway.

Also one more quick note. The GTA holds some of the biggest car shows in North America. As an Import Street enthusiast I would love to see all of these cars show their stuff but I would rather see it done in a smart way Boys/Girls.

So stay off the streets if your gonna decide to race cuz all your doing is putting people's lives at risk. Your's and the people surrounding that local area. Thank You For Your Time.