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Hey All,

I recently went to a local police meeting on May 22nd 2002. They were discussing the amount of street racing that happens in the GTA. They say that in the GTA area alone there is about 20,000 modified cars (this number does not include the amount of the older hot rods of the earlier decades). The persons that attended this meeting owned at least 1 if not svereal modified cars.

When all the talking was done the officers and the people talked about certain issues and 1 of theses issues was concerning a local dragway/speedway.

We all came to the conclusion that the government is not really gonna consider sponsoring such a thing so here I am bringing all of this forward to all of the people. I am hoping that this petition will spark really well. Who know's maybe some things can happen like someone actually putting up a speedway.

Also one more quick note. The GTA holds some of the biggest car shows in North America. As an Import Street enthusiast I would love to see all of these cars show their stuff but I would rather see it done in a smart way Boys/Girls.

So stay off the streets if your gonna decide to race cuz all your doing is putting people's lives at risk. Your's and the people surrounding that local area. Thank You For Your Time.

We, the undersigned, propose a Drag / Speedway Track for GTA!!

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