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Halifax Speedway re-emerged in 1965 and raced at The Shay Stadium until 1986, until the site was closed due to rows over money with Halifax Town FC.

It moved 'temporarily' to Odsal Stadium in Bradford in March 1986 and continued there until 1997 (the year we won the League) and this was closed due to the supposed Super Dome which has never been built and until present there has been no Speedway team running in West Yorkshire.

The speedway team had such a large following in the town that it outstripped the Football Club hands down for support at meetings and had a very loyal travelling support at away tracks.

Now after more than 20 years away of no speedway at Halifax and through fervent campaigning and backing from the management and by supporters, the time has come to push for a concerted effort to bring the club back to League existence. To aid us in this endeavour we primarily need the support of the local council, Calderdale MBC.

Please sign the petition, completing all the required fields, to show your support for the return of Halifax Dukes Speedway in our fine County.

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We, the undersigned, call upon Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council to actively support Halifax Dukes Speedway, give favourable consideration to the Planning Application and ensure the return of Speedway racing to the Town and County.

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