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The State of California
United States of America

Due to the current budget crisis in California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed selling a number of "under-utilized" fairgrounds, arenas and parks owned by the state.

While this plan has been on the table for quite some time now, the neighboring home owners, citizens of Orange County and the Business Owners who utilize the O.C. Fair & Events Center have just now been made aware of the possibility. Other sites considered for sale have been able to stop the proceedings by gaining a large amount of local support and providing a substantial amount of proof that the site is not "under-utilized".

We wish to stop the sale of the fairgrounds based on the heritage it brings to Orange County, the programs it houses to benefit our children, and the many small businesses that count on it for their survival. If it is sold there is no guarantee of what may take it's place and/or how it will be run.

We, the undersigned, have JUST NOW been made aware, and call on the State of California to stop the sale of the O.C. Fair & Events Center as it is widely utilized and holds significant meaning to the citizens of Orange County.

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