Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
United Kingdom

Cradley Speedway was founded in 1947 and raced at Dudley Wood Stadium for almost 50 years, until the site was sold for housing development in 1995.

The club won League Championships, World Individual Titles and other domestic trophies as the most successful and best supported professional sports club in the borough.

After more than ten years away from the track and constant campaigning by supporters, we have now reached the culmination of a concerted effort to bring the club back to competitive existence. For this we simply require the support of the local council, Dudley MBC.

Please sign the petition, completing all the required fields, to show your support for the return of Cradley Speedway.

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I call upon Dudley Council to actively support Cradley Speedway, give favourable consideration to the Planning Application and ensure the return of Speedway racing to the Dudley Borough.

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