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1. Common Sense Politics 2016

The Common Sense Politics 2016 is here to give the populace power through education in the principles and values of personal responsibility, individual liberty, traditional American values, free markets, limited government, and a strong national defense.

We believe the role of government is to protect & hold sacred the rights of free people to pursue their own goals and we advocate conservative policies that generally emphasize the empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

Common Sense Politics 2016 promotes and defends these traditions throughout the United States at the Local, State, and Federal level; and to support the election of candidates who personify these values & beliefs.

2. Truth and Honesty

Hon. Ameen Salifu, a member of parliament has opened the Pandora box for for his own crucifixion!
He has listed schools on his CV which offers none of the courses he stated are run in those schools.

- University of Westminster has only two programs in the Urban and Housing Planning Dept;

- London School of Economics do not have any masters program in "International Housing";

- University of East London as well to not have any course in NGO Development and Management!

So the question is, where did he obtain his chains of degrees?

I urge the speaker of parliament to investigate this matter and if he is found culpable - as i believe he is - he must be sacked from parliament.

3. Draft Larry Cretul for Congress

In 2008, Alan Grayson was elected to Congress to represent central Florida. A strong challenger is needed to take back the seat once held by Ric Keller. Grayson has been nothing short of a disgrace.

4. Michael Martin should resign as Speaker of the Commons

The Speaker has seriously underestimated the public mood on MPs' expenses of which he has been accused of impropriety himself and seems more concerned about the leaks that brought the matter into the open, than the abuse of taxpayers money.

He should resign immediately rather than devalue the office of Speaker of the House any further.

5. Dr. Scott for Graduation Speaker

We are requesting to have Dr. Rob Scott be the "keynote" speaker at the Chiropractic Graduation Ceremony on August 6, 2005. We understand that he has been asked to speak as the outgoing Dean.

As a class we would like to hear a motivational speach from Dr. Scott, not a speach about being an alumnus of the school and supporting the national organizations. We also do not think it is fair to have him represent the school when he is no longer employed by the university.

6. A fair go for Disability Support Pensioners

The Liberal Party of Australia will have absolute legislative control of Parliament as from June 2005. One of the Government's first acts will be to slash the entitlements of people with disabilities.

The major change will be classifying anyone able to work 15 hours per week as no longer eligible for disability support, and instead, being classified as unemployed. This will subject an estimated 60,000 Australians already living in poverty to even worse poverty.


To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.

The Petition of residents of New South Wales brings to the attention of the House:
• the proposed sale of approximately 1.6 hectares of State Transit Authority land at 67a Alison Road, Randwick by way of public tender;
• the heritage and conservation significance of the site;
• the increased traffic congestion and transport dangers if the site is sold and developed;
• our objection to the proposed sale of the land to developers; and
• our support for the retention of the land as "open space" to be managed and utilised by the Australian Jockey Club for and on behalf of the community.