Gov. Bill Lee
United States of America

Glen Casada and David Byrd have violated the public trust, violated their solemn oath of office, inflicted harm on Tennesseans and brought same to the state of Tennessee by engaging in the following conduct:

Denying citizens of Tennessee their Constitutional right of free speech

Engaging in or condoning racist language and conduct

Engaging in sexist behavior and objectifying women

Lying and covering up immoral and illegal behavior

Sexually abusing children

In a letter recently addressed to you, faith leaders called on you to follow your religious beliefs and put an end to the injustices committed by Glen Casada.
These injustices include:

Sexist text messages between you and your former Chief of Staff that objectify and demean women.

Violating both the State and U.S. Constitution by removing women protesting David Byrd in an open public meeting because they "made people uncomfortable."

Racist text messages and a pattern of discrimination by denying African Americans the opportunity to meet and discuss racist statues in the Capitol while agreeing to speak with white citizens.

Gross incompetence or knowingly ignoring the use of illegal drugs within the Speaker's office.

Lying to the citizens of Tennessee while trying to cover-up illegal and immoral conduct.

You were reminded that the abuse of power and authority, and “bearing false witness," is not only detrimental to the public good, but immoral as well.

The leaders that spoke our are true followers of God and should be commended for putting their faith into action. They know the Lord will “rescue the godly from temptation” and they are asking you to trust the Lord and do what you know is just and moral.

We call on you to also open your ears to the pleas for justice from sexual assault survivors across the state. We call on you to open your eyes to the crimes perpetrated against children who where entrusted to David Byrd's care.

David Byrd has admitted to having sexual contact with fifteen-year-old girls. He has never denied these crimes occurred. In fact he stated he confessed these crimes to his family. He has also apologized for his crimes.

Jesus loved and protected children, and he called on us to do the same. To ignore atrocities committed against children, to willingly deny them justice is an abomination.

We pray that you heed God’s call and act swiftly to end the suffering of Tennesseans. We pray you remember that continued silence and inaction is complicity, and that “He who justifies the wicked and who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.”

Jesus told us “If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.” The continued presence of Glen Casada and David Byrd has caused the People’s House to stumble and they must be removed from the House before the entire body withers and dies.

It is time for you to make a decision, Governor Lee. You must whether to remain a puppet of Glen Casada and David Byrd and operate according to their whims or stand against injustice. We pray you choose to be strong in the Lord and stand against the evil that has taken residence in the People's House. We pray you will cast it out into the darkness from which it came and bring the light of good back to the state of Tennessee and its citizens.

In the name of God and holy scripture, we the undersigned call on Governor Bill Lee to immediately call a special session of the Tennessee House and begin the process to expel Glen Casada and David Byrd from office.

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