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Mitch McConnell has turned his back on America.
Refusal to accept the COVID relief of $2000 was a slap in the face when you consider: (1) Multi-Million dollar business did not need the amounts of relief they received, (2) Other countries do need assistance, but Americans - the ones that give government their money - deserved help even more.
McConnell’s actions will be paid by (1) children by loss of home, loss of food, loss of education, etc. (2) Parents mental health from lack of ability to care for children, loss of home, loss of vehicle, loss of livelihood.
McConnell’s actions of “poisonous amendments” is against the law. Saying he would agree to the $2000 IF his amendment would pass ..... really, how is this for representation of America?

CONSEQUENCES for Mitch McConnell is based on his actions in refusal to give American Taxpayers $2000 in COVID relief but instead only $600.
These actions call for Americans to take a stand and have some control of our Government again. Mitch McConnell should be:
(1) Face charges for TREASON against the American people. Giving such a large amount of monies to other countries and businesses that really didn’t need it, but allowing Americans to suffer is Treason
(2). Face charges for trying to use the “poison amendment” method to get something passed that he wanted. is illegal.
(3) Lose all benefits given when he retires - insurance, salary, etc.
SIGN TODAY and help Americans ASAP. It is vital that we let our representatives know: WE ARE TIRED OF their crap.

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