#Law & Order
The Spaker of Parliament

Hon. Ameen Salifu, a member of parliament has opened the Pandora box for for his own crucifixion!
He has listed schools on his CV which offers none of the courses he stated are run in those schools.

- University of Westminster has only two programs in the Urban and Housing Planning Dept;

- London School of Economics do not have any masters program in "International Housing";

- University of East London as well to not have any course in NGO Development and Management!

So the question is, where did he obtain his chains of degrees?

I urge the speaker of parliament to investigate this matter and if he is found culpable - as i believe he is - he must be sacked from parliament.

We, the undersigned, call on the speaker of parliament, to as a matter of urgency and in keeping and maintaining the honor of the Ghanaian parliament, investigate the genuineness of the certificates/qualifications that Hon. Ameen Salifu claims he has obtained and if found to be false expunge him from the honorable house.

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