#Human Rights
Laton High School
United States of America

Laton High School has had a tradition of glorifing Slavery for many past years. No one has spoken up, untill now. The Junior class has no choice but to participate in an re-acting of slavery. Seniors along with the other remaining classes bid for a ceratin slave ( student) and the highest bidder is proclaimed the "master" for the remainder of the day. Masters are allowed to do basicly as they wish with their slaves, as long as it dosen't violate the school rules. There is no way out, if any student is opposed they must " buy themselves out" and have to pay a certain price. Many slaves; died, hurt, starved, and were looked down as animals. If it was abolished, why do we continue to support it? Why are we saying it is okay? The school must look deeper into the situation than making money, because that is how it all came about. Let's give Laton Students a choice! Lets stop the glorification of Slavery!

We, the undersigned, want to put a stop to Juinor Slave Day!

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