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During a press conference on Human Rights Day Saturday, December 10, 2005, The Light of Hope Institute announced that it along with a growing list of human rights advocates will be collecting Signatures that will be sent to the President of the United States and other world leaders in a plea for their help to end slavery throughout the world, now and for all times. It should be noted tat this Anti-Slavery Petition is a major part of The Light of Hope Institute Anti-Slavery Movement. END SLAVERY NOW !

Modern-Day / SLAVERY TODAY/ slavery, in the 21st century! Currently there are over 27 million people worldwide that are counted as - slaves! These people are considered the property of another person. There are several categories of slaves including, but not limited to: “human trafficking / sex trafficking” …. In part, some of the root causes for modern day slavery often include economic factors, poverty, moral and social decline. instability, trends toward globalization, crime, corruption, weak and inept leadership, and the exploitation of vulnerable people. All forms and categories of slavery are wrong. Slavery is not acceptable in any form nor is it acceptable in any country. Slavery cannot be justified under any circumstance. It simply cannot be tolerated. Why are we waiting to address to the various crises that confront our humanity? Are we becoming insensitive to the suffering of others? We need to STOP and help resolve the problems today - if not the problems become more pervasive and nearly insurmountable. “Slavery in the 21st century is an affront to our collective humanity! Our Humanity Is At Risk.”

Specifically, we are counting on you, we need your help and assistance in helping eliminate modern-day slavery. All People of Goodwill, worldwide are called to action to help END SLAVERY NOW! Become a signatory of the Anti-Slavery Petition.

We, the undersigned citizens of the world are prevailing upon the world leaders, and the human family to take action now and put an end to slavery in the 21st century. This is an urgent call to action. The Light of Hope Institute along with other Anti-Slavery organizations and all people of goodwill have signed this petition in an all out effort to help free the 27 million slaves that are found in various countries throughout the world.

On behalf of all people that are being forced against their will, to provide services to others without compensation, we call upon all governments of the world to eliminate these practices. The following are among some of the slave categories which have been identified: child labor; temple "hierodules" slaves; human sacrifice; sex slaves: child sex slaves and forced prostitution, "human trafficking"; domestic servitude; child soldiers; forced labor; debt bondage; chattel slavery; servile forms of marriages; and war slaves...

World leaders, these egregious violations of inhumanity are shameful, cruel, unjust, and unlawful, they are crimes against our humanity. ABOLISH SLAVERY NOW AND FOR ALL TIME. “All People Shall Be Free.” Therefore, we are calling upon All People of Goodwill to help by providing the following information and your signature.

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