#Human Rights
The United Nations

To stop these wide ranging and maliciously inhuman acts against the world's children. From the Child Soldiers who are forced to rape and kill any female members of their families in countries such as Uganda, and the Lords resistance army, to colombia and the anti-government guerillas.

Another horrible and malicious form of slavery committed against the children of earth is the sex trade. These children live in extreme and absolute poverty and have to find some way to help their family survive, so they stop any form of education whatsoever to become prostitutes. The children are spotted and lyed to about a better opportunity in countries such as England and the United States. From there any number of things can happen from rape to mutilation and if these children ever reach these destination that were promised to them they are forced into sweat shop type labor.

Please help me stop these horrible inhuman acts against the worlds children by getting the attention of the world's governments so that not only are these atrocites stopped but the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Please Help to Permanently abolish Child Slavery forever!

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