#Human Rights
President of the USA, Mr. George W. Bush
Macedonia, Republic of

End the Albanian terrorism in Macedonia!!!

Dear President Bush,

We, Macedonian people and friends of the Macedonian people, are very concerned about the troubled situation in Macedonia. Innocent Macedonian people are being forced to leave their homes by the Albanian terrorists; Macedonian homes and churches are being burnt; Macedonian cities and villages are being occupied by terrorists. The United States of America has been casually observing the situation and even asking the Macedonian government to forgive the terrorists. Why didn't the USA forgive the participants in the Oklahoma City bombing??? The goal of the Albanian terrorists is not human rights for the Macedonian Albanians since it is a fact that the rights of the Macedonian Albanians exceed the international human rights standards. The goal of the Albanian terrorists is to take over Macedonian territory and create Greater Albania. Please use your power to end the Albanian terrorist movement in Macedonia.

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