Petition Tag - silence

1. Demand for more media coverage of Rohingya Muslims in Burma

2. EDL Protest Luton

- EDL are an anti-islamic organisation, established in 2009 and have had several demonstrations leading to violence.

- UAF have always held a counter demonstration (Derby, Birmingham etc), which has lead to more violence and the Muslim youth being arrested and branded ‘violent’.

- The Bedfordshire police on this occasion have not written to the Home office demanding a ban on the protest.

3. Stop The Silencing Campaigns

Fathers' rights movements have continued to campaign against women and children speaking out about domestic violence and child abuse. They say that it's against fathers but if they didn't hurt anyone, what have they got to hide?

There are good men out there who do not beat their wives or abuse their children and understand that we need to know about these things so we can be there for those we care about that have been unfortunate enough to endure these appalling acts.

Unfortunately there are some that want us to be silent and to be forced to endure such atrocities alone and without help or understanding.

Awareness is the key to ending such oppression and is the very reason as to why we have the "freedom of information" as a human right.

Help us beat violence supportive attitudes so that one day all violence and oppression is apart of history and no more.

4. The Moment of Silence

For a long time now the moment of silence has been looked down upon in schools because people feel like it is both a waste of time and a way to enforce prayer/religion on people. The truth of the matter is it is neither.

The "moment of silence" is, as described by wikipedia, the expression for a period of silent contemplation, prayer, reflection, and meditation. There are three options that a moment of silence allows students to do and only one of them is prayer. Students can think about what they plan to do that day and calm down before school starts. This provides students and teachers with a more efficient learning environment.

In conclusion, the moment of silence in schools is in no way enforcing religion upon students, because it provides students with many more options, and it is not an excuse for students to waste class time, because it calms classes down providing a more efficient learning environment.

5. Break the silence on "abuse" in schools

A petition to break the silence on what is going on in schools with regard to the way the children are being treated at school.

We feel that they are being ill treated at the moment instead of feeling safe.

We want to make a stand against that, so that children feel safe and are treated properly.

6. Give us the gift of Silence

We 400 million Urban residents of India are constantly barraged by unwanted intrusive traffic noises, especially honking 24/7.

It severely affects our health and well being.

It has enormous, immeasurable cascading deleterious effects on the entire society.
We beg for enforced Silence.

7. Minutes silence nationwide for Pope John Paul II

April 4, 2005

This Sunday the 10th of April 2005 Celtic will meet Hearts of Midlothian in a semi-final crunch match.

The vast majority of people who are attending this fixture would like to see a minutes silence in respect to the late Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II).

Please sign this petition to be forwarded to the Scottish F.A

P.S. This petition was closed on April 10, 2005.