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For a long time now the moment of silence has been looked down upon in schools because people feel like it is both a waste of time and a way to enforce prayer/religion on people. The truth of the matter is it is neither.

The "moment of silence" is, as described by wikipedia, the expression for a period of silent contemplation, prayer, reflection, and meditation. There are three options that a moment of silence allows students to do and only one of them is prayer. Students can think about what they plan to do that day and calm down before school starts. This provides students and teachers with a more efficient learning environment.

In conclusion, the moment of silence in schools is in no way enforcing religion upon students, because it provides students with many more options, and it is not an excuse for students to waste class time, because it calms classes down providing a more efficient learning environment.

We, the undersigned, call for the U.S government to instate a mandatory, minute long, moment of silence in schools before school starts.

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