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Dear Sir/Madam

We, as your avid readers have noticed your media coverage of the atrocities committed against the Burmese Rohingya Muslims is quite negligible.

This has raised serious concerns amongst your readership, who strongly feel that you have deliberately failed to highlight the plight of Burmese Rohingya, not in keeping with your admirable standards of seeking truth, serving citizens, maintaining independence and monitoring human right abuses around the world.

It is your journalistic responsibility to cover the threats and human right abuses to the well-being of people around the world in such a way that it stings the conscience of our fellow readers and brings an awareness to the issue.

Reports confirm that the Rohingya Muslims are the most oppressed minority in SE Asia and are persecuted, lynched and being killed indiscriminately.

Your silence in this matter not only contradicts the role media plays in protecting human rights and exposing human right violations, but also the reason why the media has been called the Fourth Estate.

We expect that you will do everything to rectify this situation and bring these tragedies to the attention of the public.

Yours sincerely,

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