#Human Rights

Fathers' rights movements have continued to campaign against women and children speaking out about domestic violence and child abuse. They say that it's against fathers but if they didn't hurt anyone, what have they got to hide?

There are good men out there who do not beat their wives or abuse their children and understand that we need to know about these things so we can be there for those we care about that have been unfortunate enough to endure these appalling acts.

Unfortunately there are some that want us to be silent and to be forced to endure such atrocities alone and without help or understanding.

Awareness is the key to ending such oppression and is the very reason as to why we have the "freedom of information" as a human right.

Help us beat violence supportive attitudes so that one day all violence and oppression is apart of history and no more.

Stop the oppression of women and Children Speaking about Violence.

Allow women and children to speak out about domestic violence and child abuse.

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