#City & Town Planning
Red Lodge Residents
United States of America

Red Lodge is facing a new challenge. The City Council is debating whether to allow electronic signs in the Community Entrance zones by amending the existing sign code (which currently bans electronic signs). The potential consequences of such an amendment are troubling, as MANY civic groups will have the ability to put up electronic signs. In addition, businesses can and most likely will challenge the language of the amendment to get in on the action too.

All organizations currently have the ability to convey their messages through signage; however they are limited to non-electronic formats. If we want to avoid having Red Lodge look like King Avenue or Grand Avenue in Billings in a matter of years, this amendment needs to be opposed. It has already passed 4-3 on "first read" so the next City Council meeting is the last opportunity to change the Council's vote on this matter.

Each of the undersigned residents of Red Lodge, Montana, address this petition to the elected and appointed representatives of our city.

We ask that our representatives deny requests to allow electronic LED signs at the Community Entrance Zones.

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