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This petition is being written to request that Resident Only Parking signs be installed on Bourbon Street from Washington Street to Strawberry Lane.

This petition is being written to request that Resident's Only Parking signs be put up on Bourbon Street. We are requesting the signs be put up from the corner of Washington Street down to Strawberry Lane. Due to the volume of patients and employees at the dental offices we find many times that there is not sufficient place for us to park. This makes unloading our cars of groceries, children, etc an unnecessary burden. This burden intensifies when there is rain or snow. We have written request letters to the dental offices requesting that employees not park in front of our house as they are parked there all day. It worked for awhile but after some time and new employees, we find ourselves looking for places to park.

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The Resident's Only Parking on Bourbon Street petition to Town Hall was written by Kimberly DiNoto and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.