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1. Sign the Sympathy Card to Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande Concert) Attack

The "Manchester Terror Attack" that just happened on Monday evening 22 May 2017 in Manchester Arena at Ariana Grande's Concert. Hundreds and many unknown innocents were injured. This is the second suicide attack after London Westminster Bridge attack in just under two months.


2. Make it safe, get a camera in place

We live in what could be a wonderful community. This is however not the case due to some residents who think they own the street. We would love to see a camera put up on the green where the trouble lies to deter the young adults that take drugs there, and the anti social behavior. We would love for our children to feel safe enough to go play on the green. And also see the end to police presence. It would be a great way to save important resorces that are needed in real emergencies. Please help us make our homes safe and keep the youth from being dragged into using drugs.

3. Warburton Highway needs a safe crossing.

Warburton Highway between Seville and Woori Yallock is a 90 km/h stretch of road with no safe crossings between the two towns apart from a single cattle bridge.
At the entrance of Old Warburton Highway (Seville East) there are bus stops, used every day by dozens of school children and other locals, with no crossing within a half hour walk.
People have no choice but to cross the dangerous highway, which has inevitably resulted in a 21-year-old woman with special needs being hit by a truck in May 2016.
Although making an almost full recovery, her injuries at the time were life threatening.
Warburton Highway falls under the jurisdiction of VICROADS rather than the Yarra Valley council, and they have listed a safe crossing as a low priority, however, a clearer sign has been placed in the area, informing motorists of crossing pedestrians.
Although a lower speed limit may improve the situation, it does not solve it. Perhaps an island crossing would be the safest and most cost efficient method if traffic lights are too inconvenient.

4. Express transport from Barrie to Toronto

This service meant to provide easy safe and fast option for people from Barrie to reach Toronto and people from Toronto go back to Barrie. This service is meant to help to create less traffic on the roads by including 15 passengers in one van And not having 15 cars at the same time on the road.this service is meant to keep our environment cleaner by creating less pollution .This service is a familiar too many people from other countries where it used for many years with a big success we are asking to allow people of Ontario using this service.

5. Safer children's crossing on Acorn Street

I have contacted Oldham Council several times over the last 3-4 years as I have extreme concerns about the safety of the crossing area on Acorn Street for children walking to/from Hey With Zion and St Edwards Primary School.

I was advised, after over a year of enquiring, that my concerns would be addressed, and that the crossing area would be made safe. To date, only a red patch of tarmac has been added to the crossing area which has done nothing to improve the crossing safety.
Cars still double park either side of the crossing area, which drastically impedes visibility of oncoming traffic from either side, and cars still also speed to excess on this road.

There needs to be clear signage coming up to this point from either direction to indicate “children crossing” and ideally a Zebra crossing, speed humps and 10 mile per hour speed limit approaching this section of road. Parking should also be restricted around this area to improve visibility. The work that has been completed since my first correspondence over 3 years ago is desperately inadequate and I still fear for my, my son’s and all of the other children & parents safety in crossing this road twice daily.

6. Save Tallawudjah's safe bike track

Glenreagh has a lovely family trying to start a kid friendly family safe bike track on there OWN property and there are people opposing this.

Please help us save our safe tracks to keep kids out of state forests and off roads.

We want a safe environment for our children to use their bikes.

7. Appeal to the School Committee to change the four-test policy to three tests

We wish to change in the four-test policy, which states that if a student has 4 given tests on a given day, then that student may chose to take one of those tests on another day, so a student only takes 3-4 tests a day.

Instead, the maximum should be three three tests, so a student only takes 2-3 tests.

Thus, we shall create more flexible schedules for the student body. Also, it allows students to spend more time in extracirculars and other activities in which they refine their talents and discover their destiny.

8. Abolish the cruel practices of factory farming in New Zealand


• 90 million chickens are killed annually for their meat.

• Up to 40,000 chickens are confined together inside large windowless sheds at a stocking density of 19 birds per square metre.

• Nearly 3.5 million chickens die annually from of health problems before six weeks of age.

• 38 per cent of New Zealand’s chickens experience difficulties walking.

• broiler chickens are reared to their slaughter weight of around 1.8 to 3 kg within just 6 weeks of being hatched (chickens are normally fully grown by 5-6 months). By selective breeding, the length of time broiler chicks take to grow to 2 kg has been halved in the last 30 years.

• Over the last 20 years, annual chicken consumption has increased from 14kg (1986) to an average 35kg of chicken meat per person per year.

• Sows confined in sow stalls cannot perform most of their natural behaviour, as is required under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. They cannot walk or turn around, and can only lie down or stand up.

• Sow stalls have been banned in the United Kingdom and Sweden and are being phased out in Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

• The government acknowledged in 2005 that sow stalls did not meet the obligations of the Animal Welfare Act 1999, but despite this they did not ban their use.

• Approximately 45 per cent of the sows farmed in New Zealand (about 21,000 animals) are confined to sow stalls the same size as those seen on the Sunday programme. Alternatively, to sow stalls only 60 cm wide and 2 meters long.

• Scientific evidence shows that pigs kept in intensive farms suffer from psychological distress, frustration, lung and heart disease, leg problems and lameness, and display stereotypic behaviour such as bar biting.

• In 2007 there were about 370,000 pigs kept on New Zealand farms, including nearly 47,000 breeding sows.

• A battery hen lives for about 18 months. The natural life span of a hen is typically five to seven years, but some can live as long as 15 years.

• In New Zealand there are 3.2 million egg-laying chickens. About 83 percent of these are in cages. The rest are kept in indoor barns or on free range farms.

• A battery hen lays nearly 300 eggs per year, while its wild ancestor would lay only 12-20.

• A battery cage is too small for a hen to carry out basic behaviour, such as stretch her wings and preen. For this a hen needs about three times the 550 square centimetres
typically provided for her in a battery cage.

• Battery hens may suffer from brittle and broken bones, foot deformities, feather loss and injuries due to pecking from cage mates.

• Male chicks are not required by the egg industry. About 3 million one-day-old male chicks are killed each year by gassing or masceration.

factory farming affects the health of the live stock as well as the health of the humans consuming the products. low level dosing of livestock and poultry with antibiotics used in human medicines has contributed to the spreading of multi-drug resistant infections in humans.

factory farming is unsustainable with overcrowded farms over whelming local ecosystems, leading to depletion of natural resources . the need to grow large amounts of high energy feed leads to increasing deforestation and soil erosion; and the pollution of water, soil and air and agrochemicals and manure waste is already a huge concern.

Animal waste also effects our environment as 1 individual cow produces 15 times the amount of waste of a human. although all farmed animals produce waste, factory farms are overcrowded and this problem is multiplied leading to major environmental concerns. farmers often use large ponds/lagoons to hold live stock waste however these can over flow into water ways. the residue of pesticides also cause health and environmental problems as it seeps into water ways.

9. Safe space for dogs

In Bournemouth approximately 4 in 10 households have children, and approximately 3 in 10 households have a dog. In Bournemouth alone there are 62 designated public play areas for children and 1 public play area for dogs. Just 1. All other areas for dogs to play are insufficiently fenced or gated with hazards immediately adjacent.

There are puppies and older dogs that do not yet know how to 'recall' and hardly any dogs know the Green Cross Code or can read safety notices! Almost all open spaces where dogs currently play, have insufficient fencing or gates to prevent dogs running onto roads, or onto pavements to chase a cat or car, or go and sniff the local livestock resulting in road accidents, injured or dead pets, or dogs in a lot of trouble. We want the council to work with Doogies to provide secure, safe play areas for all these dogs throughout Poole and Bournemouth boroughs.

There are many, many dogs that are walked only on lead. Some because they are in training, or don't always come back when called, and some because they are recovering from an operation, or are sick or in season. But there are some dogs on lead because they are afraid of or aggressive towards other dogs or even humans (for whatever reason) and so
1) other people need to know that the dogs needs space
2) those owners need support and education on how to help their dogs cope better when other dogs or humans pass by.
All these dogs are 'yellow' dogs - ie, they need space.
We want the council to work in partnership with Doogies to promote the Yellow Dog Campaign throughout the boroughs, provide education to the public, provide support and training to owners and provide totally secure, private rehabilitation and play areas for dogs that need space.

We want the council to work with Doogies to build a dog-bespoke indoor and outdoor training area for the rehabilitation and training of dogs. Furthermore we wish the council to work with Doogies to provide their educational seminars for everyone who comes into contact with dogs - from children to adults resulting in safe families, educated and responsible dog owners. The boroughs of Bournemouth and Poole have an opportunity to become a role model for providing a safe environment for all - humans and animals alike.

As a dog trainer and behaviour consultant specialising in puppies, rescue dogs and dogs with behaviour challenges I can confirm that:
100% of my clients have needed education and training,
100% needed 'yellow' ribbons for their dogs at some point in their lives
100% needed a safely secured, open spaces to run and play in the company of educated public,
and the many, many, many dogs at one point in their lives needed a totally secure private field for rehabilitation and training, the latter is needed as a matter of urgency within the boroughs as there is currently NOTHING available for owners of a dog that needs space.

10. Save the Ossining Boat And Canoe Club

A petition to request that the various political, administrative and others who have influence over saving the Ossining Boat & Canoe Club for future generations do so immediately by creating a long term commitment in the form of an agreement between the OBCC and local officials!

11. Make Intersections on Route 23 in Harford County Maryland Safer

Since I have moved to Forest Hill, MD in 2012 I have witnessed two fatal accidents on State Road Route 23 in Harford County Maryland. Here's a link to the Baltimore Sun about article written about Route 23.

I have personally written to the State of Maryland asking for a review of the intersections of Grafton Shop Rd and also mentioned High Point Rd. I received an email back stating they did not warrant changes to the intersections. In honor of those who have lost their lives and those who may, please sign this petition to request the following: Add a Round About at Grafton Shop and High Point Rd. Secondly: If
a round about can not be added, traffic lights, third if either of those can't be approved rumble strips on all four corners along with a flashing light sign on Grafton Shop and High Point Rd warning of a stop ahead.

Please sign to make our intersection safer. Please pass on yo anyone that travels Route 23 in Maryland!


Donna Lucas
Forest Hill, MD

12. Clarinda Skatepark Supporter

Our goal is to create a safe and necessary place for local skateboarders to skate in our community.

We want to create a club which fosters a healthy, active lifestyle and will educate the youth in Clarinda and surrounding areas about the Sport and Business of Skateboarding.

13. Keep Our Children Safe

Earlier this year, Stirling Council made the decision (without consultation with East Plean Primary School or the Parents of the pupils) to discontinue the lunch time crossing patrol at East Plean Primary School.

14. HELP AMERICA STAY SAFE: Respect The Second Amendment

Statistics make a compelling case for gun ownership
By Jeff Jacoby | GLOBE COLUMNIST MARCH 21, 2012

THE COLORADO Supreme Court...when it ruled unanimously this month that the University of Colorado’s campus gun ban violated a 2003 state law that entitles residents with permits to carry concealed weapons.

While the University of Colorado spent much of the past decade resisting the state’s concealed-carry law, Colorado State University complied with it. If the gun controllers are right, Colorado State should have seen a surge in crime, while its gun-banning sister institution should have been an Eden of security and lawfulness. That’s not what happened...“crime at the University of Colorado has risen 35 percent since 2004, while crime at Colorado State University has dropped 60 percent in the same time frame.”

Roughly 1 of every 4 Americans reports keeping a gun to protect themselves or their homes. Having a gun makes many people — for good reason — feel safer.

Taken from The News-Dispatch, Michigan City, Indiana
CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY GUN LAWS; Jack Allgood from Michigan City High School wrote a column Tuesday titled "Guns Should Be Outlawed in U.S." I am afraid he needs some education (as opposed to indoctrination) on that subject.

The basic premise that outlawing guns will resolve violent crime is simply wrong. Why not just outlaw violent crime? The answer is the same - it is because criminals do not obey laws. They will not turn in their guns to assist the nation in becoming gun-free. Gun control laws only result in the disarming of the law-abiding public, taking away their right to defend themselves - while the criminals ignore the gun laws along with all others.

Mr. Allgood argues that the circumstances of "the right to bear arms" were different when the Bill of Rights was first written. Perhaps. But at that same time, nobody knew freedom of speech would ever pertain to photocopy machines, television or the Internet. Shall we also rein in the right of free speech on those same grounds, because the circumstances have changed from the 1700s?

It is true that gun crime was much less of a problem in the distant past. However, back then there were almost no gun control laws, either. In fact, a child could buy a handgun through a Sears catalog just by sending in an order blank and the money. The problem is not that there are more guns today, it is that there are more criminals. Please don't think that if you take away a criminal's gun, he will suddenly turn into a gentle law-abiding citizen, watering his flowers and waving "hello" to you as you pass by in safety. Guns do not make people into criminals. Taking away guns does not turn criminals into lawful citizens either.

Washington, D.C., has some of the strictest gun laws, yet amazingly the criminals do not obey them - and their gun violence rate is three times the national average. Vermont has very few gun laws - any 18-year-old can carry a concealed handgun and no permit is needed - and it is a much safer place to live. It's not the guns, it's the people.

Mr. Allgood, we would like very much to live in a safer society. However, your idea won't work, and I am not prepared to have my rights thrown away to try for the hundredth time something that does not work and has been proven not to work. In Nazi Germany the public was disarmed and only the authorities had guns. That is a common first step among dictators and it is utterly foolish to suggest that we do the same here in America. As Benjamin Franklin said, "He who gives up freedom for security deserves neither."

The U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled that the Second Amendment means what it says, and we can be thankful for that.

15. Update the security at our schools and keep our kids safe

My heart goes out to everyone touched by the senseless violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The unspeakable school tragedies and shooting rampages in public areas have occurred all too frequently over the last several years, and makes them seem less random each time.

16. Empower Our Teachers, Protect Our Children

To understand the gravity of the situation, you must simply examine the facts; no less than 259 school shooting related deaths have occurred since 1970.

Many Arkansans remember the incident at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, AR, where four students and one teacher were killed. The recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has once again showed us the vulnerabilities of our public schools. The deaths of children in public schools can and will be prevented with proper training and security. The added security this petition calls for would be provided by the people directly involved, the teachers.

Local law enforcement and skilled security professionals (most of which would more than happily volunteer their time) would provide the training needed and if there was a cost incurred the school districts would cover any and all expenses. I believe, teachers need to feel empowered and secure. This reassurance can come through proper training. It is important that all teachers working in the state of Arkansas receive a basic defensive course and hostage training focused directly on altercations involving firearms, knives and other dangers involved in school invasion scenarios.

The training would be designed especially for teachers and school administrators to further mitigate the risks posed to students and staff. I believe in conjunction with the training, personnel that excelled in these operations (as well as agreed) would also receive basic marksmanship training in small arms and be issued a handgun (provided by the state) and kept stowed away, only allowing the teacher issued access to the weapon. Individuals selected by the schools concealed carry program would be selected by the school administrators and the training personnel. In school districts that wished to do so the teachers with a concealed carry license could "carry" These individuals would remain nameless to students and other personnel. The classes would be made available to these individuals as well.

The local law enforcement departments and key administrators would maintain a registry of all teachers involved in the program and be required to provide continued training (annually). Response times for local law enforcement departments vary and the possible delays for their officers are endless; therefore, it is up to us, the competent and common sense Americans to empower our schools and help to provide an environment that reduces the danger to our children.

17. Building Lauren's Place

The Lauren Edgerton Foundation, Inc. was founded to honor the memory of Lauren Elizabeth Edgerton, and will represent the essence of Lauren in an honorable and pure manner.

Lauren wanted to find a way for pre-teens and teens to have a place where they could go to meet with friends, and just "chill" as she would say. A safe place, a place their could call their own, Lauren's Place.

With the help of volunteers, fundraisers, donations and grants, Lauren’s Place will provide charitable assistance to the community by providing a center for pre-teens and teens to go when they need a break. If their home environment becomes too challenging and they need a “cooling off” spot, Lauren’s Place will be their “go to” place.

Lauren’s Place will offer services such as the Study, which will provide a quiet area for members to do homework or projects. It will be equipped with computers, printers, a copier, and stationery supplies, the Library will provide a book exchange program, the Closet will provide a clothes exchange program, the Gallery will display members' original art, plus much more.

18. Cyclists For Right Of Way Priority On UK Roads

19. Save Howden House

Howden house was completed in 1795 and has had many owners throughout its many years. But in 1964 the Carnegie trust gave a grant of £12,000 to convert the house from offices into a community centre for the new town. But in recent years the house has lay unoccupied.

The House was bought by a company to develop the house into offices and housing. However the house has been left in awful state. The house is close to becoming beyond disrepair.

20. Review parking at Rivermead Primary School

The unadopted access road to Rivermead School has become a dangerous environment for the children at school opening and closing times.

Having carried out several observations of the movements of traffic and children at these times and witnessing some near misses, it is clear that for the safety of the children, that traffic should be prohibited at these times.

21. Secure Our School

Over the past year at Metropolitan Community College(MCC) campuses there have been numerous security incidents.

These incidents have ranged from a stabbing to an attempted kidnapping. There was also a drug incident at the beginning of this semester at the Blue River Campus.

22. Make Hollingdean Dip Safe

This is a continuation of our petition submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council at their Full Council meeting on 24 March 2011 - total signatures at that point were 835.

This petition is part and parcel of a campaign to persuade the council that there are compelling and justifiable grounds on which to carry out a complete review of the road layout and management in and around the Hollingdean Dip.

Anecdotal evidence shows that there have been many near misses over a number of years as vehicles race through the Dip without regard for the safety of pedestrians many of whom are school children walking to Hertford Infants School.

The residents on this campaign are of the view (clearly expressed at Full Council) that a holistic approach is essential so that current problems relating to speeding, parking on corners and double yellow lines and a dangerous bus stop configuration are dealt with and that, most essentially, priority is given to pedestrians over vehicles.

23. Victoria Street Safety Initiative

Currently Pedestrian Priority (40km/h) in Victoria St is LESS THAN 40% of the week.

On SUNDAY, the BUSIEST DAY OF THE WEEK, the speed limit is 60 km/h ALL DAY.

60 km/h is TOO DANGEROUS a speed at any time for Victoria St.

24. Condoms for Larger men

As a male with a wider penis it is hard to get condoms over 58mm. Condom Manufactures in Australia and around the world seem to put all the time and effort into making condom sizes between 48mm and 58mm.

With in the sizes of 48mm to 58mm you have a huge range of condoms to pick from and they include: studded and ribbed, ultra thin and so on. Why should people with the smaller penis size get all the fun yet us larger men have to go with out and the so called Manufactures who promote "safe sex" are not providing that service well.

25. Help Keep Birdneck Road at a Safe Speed Limit

The speed limit on Birdneck Rd., in Virginia Beach, VA may be increasing to 45mph. This is unsafe for a residential community with children, elderly, parishioners, etc.

As we have seen with examples on Shore Drive, this can be dangerous, even deadly, to citizens who use the street for exercising, crossing, etc.

26. Support Safe Schools

I am writing to you to ask for your support of national legislation that will empower schools and educators in their efforts to protect students from bullying and harassment both in school, and through the use of technology.

Once considered something of a rite of passage or just kids being kids, bullying is now defined by experts in the fields of mental health and criminology for what it is - an act of abuse and terrorism on our most vulnerable citizens. FBI investigations have determined that bullying has been a contributing factor in over 70 percent of all school shootings, and research has linked bullying to a host of educational concerns including everything from academic failure to depression, substance abuse, delinquency, gang proliferation, self-harm and suicide.

Bullying is often a red flag of more serious psychological problems that escalate over time. Research has determined that one-in-four students identified as pattern bullies by third grade are convicted of a violent crime before the age of twenty-six, and 98 percent of these will go on to abuse their spouse, children, and co-workers.

The good news is that there is a great deal that can be done to change this. Several states have recently passed laws to address bullying both in school, and through the use of technology. Unfortunately, the training and implementation varies greatly from state to state and district to district. Florida has recently passed The Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act. From the beginning, this bill was recognized as the best and most comprehensive in the nation. Jeff's Bill has the "teeth" it takes to not only empower schools to protect our children, but to get help for the thousands of children that slip through the cracks of the education system only to end up in our criminal justice system as violent offenders. Before we demand that our children meet our high standards of academic achievement, we must first ensure the most basic duty of every adult member of society. We must guarantee our children the opportunity to learn in an environment that does not threaten their physical and emotional well-being.

I ask you to please give your full support to this legislation, and help make America's schools a safe and nurturing place to learn for ALL children.

27. Our Right to Feel Safe

We think the pendulum has swung too far in the favour of criminals. We don’t think crime is taken seriously enough in Queensland. Police can’t chase car thieves and judges are directed by laws that say gaol is a last resort.

Criminals have too many rights – it’s time the Queensland Government started to think about Our Right to Feel Safe.

28. Safe Homes for Abused Children

Dear Mr Gordon Brown,

I have been trying to bring this about for 10 years and would like you to be aware that in my last campaign we had over 70,000 members. We would like you to consider setting up Safe Homes for suspected child abuse victims, where they can be immediately removed from their homes so that investigations can proceed. Social Services has proven to be very haphazard in different regions and we do not feel this is acceptable in this day and age.

Our children are being battered, under fed, scolded and betrayed by people who should be caring for them. Unfortunately with the drug culture we now have, it is impossible to keep track of how the children cope on a daily basis, and their cries for help are often left unheard. Unless these children are in the fold already how can you know what is going on behind closed doors? These children are being failed miserably as they are slip through the net!

The Safe Homes would be in every town and a specific childrens lifeline phone can be installed in every school where there can ask for help, or at nursery the school can inform us of what they suspect. Cafcass can then go in and report on their findings.

Council Houses can be used for this...and Nurses, Midwives and Foster care families can run them. Given the lack of jobs in this country now, this would boost local economy and give these children a safe haven to relax. The idea being any child can report their parents, or family for abuse, and if they know there is somewhere local they can go, the parents may think twice regarding hurting their children. Indeed many will lose their money for their drugs and they will forfeit the right to have access to their children until investigations have been completed. Those with nothing to fear will not mind, only those who keep their children just to get money for drugs are going to be horrified by this new move.

Please think about this as it is time a new system was created to prohibit any abuse whatsoever, and this is the way forward. Funds can be raised in each town by people who care enough and hard working volunteers are always available. Your Government does its best, but that IS NOT good enough as children are dying daily..and you all really need to see reality inside these sink estates, because once you have, your voice will be the first heard on the suffering of these children. We all want to help, so please make this a priority.

Safe Homes for Children... simple, effective and one that should not cost the earth to set up. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I beg of you to act soon so that no more Baby Peters occur and blight the face of this Country.

Sue Luckham
Suzey8888 Twitter
Sue Luckham FaceBook
Genuine Pals for the over 50's FB

29. Skate Plaza for Hemet

In Hemet, California we don't have much to do. There is neither skate parks nor a skate plaza. Trying to take your mind off that while riding around town doesn't help.

There are skate stoppers everywhere and all the good local spots to skate you have to be in and out or else you risk getting fined or even arrested. With business owners turning us away from their stairs and no designated skating area for our youth, I believe more children are taking up drugs and other bad habits.

We are a town of over 80,000 people and we don't have a single skate spot to express our love for the sport. We need change and we need it now.

30. Make our Meadows roads safer!

As per Emaar’s website; “As master planners, our responsibility is to provide everything people need within easy reach – often within walking distance. This means our team includes not just architects but urban designers, traffic planners and recreation specialists.”

Emaar invite us Meadows & Springs residents of Dubai to enjoy our gated community, walk, go out and enjoy the parks, playgrounds, pools, beautiful streets and lakes.

However, being out in the community can be a very dangerous experience. Children have drowned so pools received life guards and lakes where fenced.

Deadly accidents within the community did happen in our streets and many near accidents. What have been done until now to protect the pedestrians, many of which are children cycling, playing or walking in our streets? Beside a few sign posts not much at all.

The few installed speed humps are insufficient and meaningless for most 4x4’s and sedan’s, in a hurry to leave or get home.

Residents and visitors cannot properly park their cars due to the almost none existence of dedicated parking lots. Cars are therefore parked on the pedestrian path- ways forcing pedestrians to walk on the tarmac roads.