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No 10 Downing Street, London UK
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Dear Mr Gordon Brown,

I have been trying to bring this about for 10 years and would like you to be aware that in my last campaign we had over 70,000 members. We would like you to consider setting up Safe Homes for suspected child abuse victims, where they can be immediately removed from their homes so that investigations can proceed. Social Services has proven to be very haphazard in different regions and we do not feel this is acceptable in this day and age.

Our children are being battered, under fed, scolded and betrayed by people who should be caring for them. Unfortunately with the drug culture we now have, it is impossible to keep track of how the children cope on a daily basis, and their cries for help are often left unheard. Unless these children are in the fold already how can you know what is going on behind closed doors? These children are being failed miserably as they are slip through the net!

The Safe Homes would be in every town and a specific childrens lifeline phone can be installed in every school where there can ask for help, or at nursery the school can inform us of what they suspect. Cafcass can then go in and report on their findings.

Council Houses can be used for this...and Nurses, Midwives and Foster care families can run them. Given the lack of jobs in this country now, this would boost local economy and give these children a safe haven to relax. The idea being any child can report their parents, or family for abuse, and if they know there is somewhere local they can go, the parents may think twice regarding hurting their children. Indeed many will lose their money for their drugs and they will forfeit the right to have access to their children until investigations have been completed. Those with nothing to fear will not mind, only those who keep their children just to get money for drugs are going to be horrified by this new move.

Please think about this as it is time a new system was created to prohibit any abuse whatsoever, and this is the way forward. Funds can be raised in each town by people who care enough and hard working volunteers are always available. Your Government does its best, but that IS NOT good enough as children are dying daily..and you all really need to see reality inside these sink estates, because once you have, your voice will be the first heard on the suffering of these children. We all want to help, so please make this a priority.

Safe Homes for Children... simple, effective and one that should not cost the earth to set up. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I beg of you to act soon so that no more Baby Peters occur and blight the face of this Country.

Sue Luckham
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Please sign this petition to ask the Government to set up Safe Homes for immediate removal of suspected Child Abuse victims. A safe phone line in every school and nursery for children to report their abuse and for teachers to report their suspicions.

No more Baby Peter/s, we cannot face more of the same, so a new mandate to be set up for immediate removal of children thought to be in danger. Please support this petition as there are millions of babies and children slipping through the net, and with Safe Homes at least they can get themselves taken to safety as they will be in every town across the country. 17,000 members on last forum on FB all supporting this new strategy!!!

Sue Luckham x

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