Emaar Properties PJSC
United Arab Emirates

As per Emaar’s website; “As master planners, our responsibility is to provide everything people need within easy reach – often within walking distance. This means our team includes not just architects but urban designers, traffic planners and recreation specialists.”

Emaar invite us Meadows & Springs residents of Dubai to enjoy our gated community, walk, go out and enjoy the parks, playgrounds, pools, beautiful streets and lakes.

However, being out in the community can be a very dangerous experience. Children have drowned so pools received life guards and lakes where fenced.

Deadly accidents within the community did happen in our streets and many near accidents. What have been done until now to protect the pedestrians, many of which are children cycling, playing or walking in our streets? Beside a few sign posts not much at all.

The few installed speed humps are insufficient and meaningless for most 4x4’s and sedan’s, in a hurry to leave or get home.

Residents and visitors cannot properly park their cars due to the almost none existence of dedicated parking lots. Cars are therefore parked on the pedestrian path- ways forcing pedestrians to walk on the tarmac roads.

We, the Residents of the Meadows & Springs community in Dubai demand safer roads within the community and no cars parked on the pedestrian path- ways.

Emaar needs to investigate and improve on;
• Designated parking areas, so that cars don’t park on the pedestrian path ways.
• More and affective speed humps at the right locations and wider to slow down speedy drivers with 4x4’s.
• Parks and playing areas should be fenced at least at the road side.

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