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1. Mt Martha to Geelong/Punt Rd bridge

The journey to geelong from the peninsula is excessively long given it is so close as the crow flies. HENCE, a bridge should be built, one continuous road from my house in mt martha to the heart of geelong. A diversion will also be created that leads direct to punt road. The money that is going to the plebiscite can be used to fund this project.

2. Joaquin Miller Road Diet

ROAD DIET: JMR Update (3/4/2017)
Nancy McCoy from Woodminster
I talked to Darrien Avaline (510-238-6602). Darrien is the engineer working on the Joaquin Miller Road reduction project.

According to him, JMR will become a one lane road in the downhill direction in June or July 2017. The other lane will be dedicated to bicycles, which honestly, don't need their own lane especially in the downhill direction. He cited safety as the main reason for this decision, and the fact that Oakland no longer has traffic police to enforce the laws of the road, nor does Oakland have the inclination to put up signage of high traffic fines for speeding.

He also states that this decision was made based upon about 300 fliers received that OPW mailed out several months ago, and some people who complained about speeding. Before the fliers were mailed, JMR was slated to be a one-lane road in BOTH directions!

Joaquin Miller Road is used daily by at least 7-10,000 cars daily, and I doubt that most of the people know this lane reduction is about to happen. The city has done only the minimum notification to only people who live within in a few hundred feet of the road, and they have not posted any notices on JMR where users of the road would be notified as they drive by.

There is a meeting scheduled at the Joaquin Miller Rec Center on March 22, 2017 at 6:30-8:00 pm. The City Engineer said this meeting is basically a formality to inform the public of the City's decision and to find out if the City engineers "missed" anything.

I believe that this can be stopped, but it will take a lot of people to get involved (for a short time) to change this half-baked desperate attempt to control speeds on JMR and other roads. I believe that assigning police at interment times to hand out beefy tickets to speeders, putting signage up informing drivers of expensive tickets, and lowering the speed to 30 miles/hour would solve the problem and would pay for itself. I believe there are not enough bike riders to warrant a bike lane on this wide road. The area that is near the tot yard / baseball yard is a problem because of people/parents leaving their car doors open on the street side when traffic is coming down JMR. The City Engineer said it would be too expensive to indent the side walk.

I suggest that anyone who is upset about Park Blvd, Telegraph Ave, Grand Ave and other "road projects for Oakland's future" to come together and stop this nonsense. We must try to do something about these projects or live with the consequences.

Please attend this meeting at the Joaquin Miller Rec Center on March 22, 2017 at 6:30-8:00 pm. Another main contact representing the City is: Wladimir Wlassowsky, Manager Transportation Serviced Division,, 510-238-3467 office, 510-238-6383 voice.

To know the plans of the bike organization that is backing this, see: and go to "Campaigns"

3. Quickly And Safely Complete Road Improvements - 231st - MAX to Cornell Road

In 2013 -2014 construction began on the 231st Avenue in Hillsboro, Oregon and the roads between the MAX light rail and Cornell Road. The work has been constant and almost without stoppage.

Despite opening a public park at this location and approving thousands of aprtment units and commercial developements the City of Hillsboro has not provided sidewalks or adequate roads..

The fact that this section of road is a major commuter street for cars, bikes, and pedestrians only has exacerbated the problems. City officials at Parks and Rec and beyond have been notified and yet the problems with this project continue and dangers have only increased.

2 to 3 years is way to much time for road work to continue at this location and has led to people and cars nearly being struck at the MAX crossing and significant neighborhood cut through traffic as commuters are forced to find alternate routes.

The situation is dangerous, has negatively impacted livability and commerce, and is out of hand. We want corrections and completions to happen now and ask for accountability by our City and the hired contractors.

Significant testimony of eye witness accounts of "near misses" at this stretch of road are common. Enough is Enough.

4. Funding to fix 700 km of Yass Valley Unsealed Roads

Local unsealed roads are damaging the vehicles of local residents, risking injury to transporting livestock, as well as increasing wastage to local produce and products transported most often along unsealed roads.

It's time to take this fight up to the NSW Minister for Roads, Freight and Maritime Minister and request further funding be made available to fix our roads.

5. OPEN Bedford Road

This "bus gate" benefits no-one. The Powis Terrace junction cannot house the congested traffic. The Kittybrewster junction & surrounding streets can't house the traffic. The Bedford retail units are losing business. Can't take upto an hour to get out of the retail park due to the congested junction/s.

The people stay around the streets of Bedford road are waiting lengthy times due to the Powis terrace junction & Kittybrewster junction not coping. People struggling to get The Calsayseat Medical practice on time for their appointments. People who go up causewayend have to enter calsayeat road to u-turn on that road to get turned to gain access to the medical practice.

Buses that go beyond these junctions are running late. Football traffic make St Machar Drive like a car park. People who stay North of Bedford road ( Tillydrone, Old Aberdeen, Seaton, Donside Village, to mention a few) have been cut off from this part of the city.

6. Stop NC motorcycle toll fees

A typical fully-loaded 18-wheeler weighs about 40,000lbs and will do a considerable amount of damage to our roads. A typical car weighs about 4,000 pounds and can do some adequate damage to our roads. A typical motorcycle weighs about 400lbs and yet NC charges the rider the same fee that full sized vehicles pay on a toll roads.

The majority of the fees and taxes paid for our roads is for maintenance and repairs yet we are still punishing people for choosing a means of transportation that clearly does no damage to our roadways and is better for the environment.

Not only is it unjust to charge a motorcycle rider these fees, but it will reduce the congestion on other roads as more motorcyclists will utilize these toll roads.

7. Upgrade the Fota Road (R624) Immediately

The people of the Great Island demand that the Fota Road, the only road access to the Island, be upgraded and maintained to a safe standard.

8. Repair Marshall County Indiana Roads

The roads in Marshall County Indiana have been deteriorating and have not been maintained or repaired within the recommended time frames in accordance with MACOG (the organization Marshall County utilizes to evaluate roads). Many roads are lacking repair, others have been removed from their chip and seal or paved state to a gravel road. Other roads that have been repaired have not been repaired properly.

There is no approved road plan to repair or fix the roads, and some roads that have been returned to gravel from a chip and seal state have no date in which they will be re-chip and sealed. Citizens want to live and have the comforts of the 21st century and are being expected to give up the lifestyle they are accustomed to, not to mention the safety factor of roads not being in appropriate and good condition.

Taxes continue to increase, but the tax dollars being collected seem to be going for major new road projects and not for maintaining and repairing the large volume of roads already in disrepair. All Marshall County Roads can be affected by this lack of maintenance. Other roads may turn back to gravel in the future.

9. Support 20 mph Safety Zones in Bromley

Bromley is a large and varied Borough and enforcing a 20 mph zone in all residential roads could prove impossible. However, there are certain places, outside schools and in shopping areas, where better safety measures – like reducing traffic speed – could help pedestrians and road users.

This slower speed would help reduce road traffic accidents to pedestrians, motor-cyclists and cyclists as well as car drivers and other road traffic. Figures show slower traffic speeds significantly reduce harm to those injured in collisions. Speed restrictions also slow down the rate of vehicle exhaust emissions by burning fuels more efficiently.

There are already several 20 mph schemes in action, along Turpington Lane, Bromley, outside Perry Hall Primary School in Perry Hall Road, Orpington and in other parts of the Borough.

We will be conducting a survey to ask local residents to identify schools, or areas of concern, used regularly by children or by vulnerable adults, who may or may not be accompanied while crossing the road and where speed of passing traffic could endanger pedestrians and other road users.

The signatories below ask the Council to take action on the sites identified in the survey results.

10. Tax Payers Demand Safe Roads

Kaufman County Tax payers on CR 4079 are being neglected and abused. At the discretion of Commissioner Allen only certain roads are on the list to be fixed, but the problem is the roads on the list aren't in dire need of repair. 75% of the roads are, by his own admission, in FAIR condition yet are being fixed before the roads that affect the elderly and disabled.

I have tried multiple times to contact them to discuss this issue but to no avail. This is a serious safety issue and needs to be rectified immediately.

11. South Waikato Council: Provide Speed Bumps for Busy Streets

I am starting a petition to get speed bumps placed down our busy streets and the streets where schools and daycare facilities are. Why?

There are too many cars that speed around schools in busy streets and by reducing the speed of cars by putting speed bumps in we can ensure the safety and protection of our children and residents of tokoroa.

There have been 5 people run over in tokoroa and children just about get hit its time the safety of the people that live in tokoroa stand up and do something about this pressing issue.

12. Give us electric or hybrid buses in Vauxhall, Brixton and Streatham

Poor air quality is the second biggest killer after smoking in Lambeth. We have measured air quality in side streets around Brixton and found it running at 90% of the levels on Brixton High Road. This is of huge concern as Brixton has some of the worst recorded NO2 emissions in London.

For a while this went unrecorded as Lambeth Council opted out of the London Air Quality Network. However, we campaigned to get the air monitors back online, and we are now running air monitoring projects, as part of the "Mapping for Change" initiative around schools in Vauxhall and Streatham.

There are several causes of air pollution including domestic and commercial heating systems, construction, industry, cars, buses and taxis. Lambeth Council also incinerates its waste having an impact on air quality outside the borough.

Using data from TfL published on Green Assembly member Jenny Jones’ “how polluted is my road?” web site, we estimate that between a fifth and a third of pollution in Lambeth comes from buses, so we want TfL to clean up their fleet. This is one part of concerted action that both Lambeth Council and Transport for London need to take to clean up our air.

One option is retrofitting buses to lessen the pollution they give out. But this won't get buses to as high a standard as hybrid or electric options - and with Lambeth's very poor air quality, the issue needs to be taken seriously. If you want TfL to get a move on and give us hybrid or even electric buses, please sign the petition!

13. Shortlist Hwy 60 Upgrades

Every day, over 28,000 heavy trucks and other vehicles (Alberta Transportation Traffic Count, 2013) use Highway 60 through the Acheson Industrial Area alone.

Serious concerns range from substantial delay times at intersections to hazardous safety conditions. This is no exception for emergency vehicles either.

Alberta Transportation has a plan for upgrades to Highway 60 including grade-separation for the CN Railway crossing, and increasing from a two to a four lane highway. The Government of Alberta however does not have this project on the 3 year shortlist or even the 10 year plan.

The number of businesses and heavy traffic is increasing every day and the need for proper infrastructure is greater than ever.

We need your support to get this accomplished!

14. Connecting Bella Vista to Copper Basin

Access is needed through the Copper Basin neighborhood to improve access to Ironwood.

This improved access will provide for many improvements in the lives of those that live in the area of Copper Basin and other neighboring communities:

- reduced commute time to the US60
- reduced traffic at the Bella Vista and Hunt Hwy intersection
- reduced time needed to access the hospital on Ironwood
- reduced commute for bussing students to Poston Butte High School
- increased usage by Ironwood area residents to the businesses on Hunt Hwy near Copper Basin
- improved home valuations because of reasons stated above
- help to bring together the area of San Tan Valley by making both areas more connected
- savings of gas and reduced pollution by decreasing the commute time and distance of travel
- improved access to the new Central Arizona College Campus.

The current commute time to Gantzel and Bella Vista from the Copper Basin neighborhood is approx. 10 minutes long and 5+ miles. The actual distance when adding a paved road would reduce that time to 2-3 minutes and be a 1 mile trip.

15. Build a safer Baldivis

Whilst talking to a few parents and neighbors on the topic of footpaths and safety, I have decided that a petition should be made in regards to their concerns.

People should have the right to walk their children to school without the chance if being killed.

16. Speed Humps for Cappy

NE 4th Ave is located in a pet friendly community where people are walking their dogs daily. Peter Feldman Park is also located in this section where children run and play.

People frequently use our side street as a cut through for Federal Hwy 1.

Daily people are seen exceeding the speed limit.

17. Help Save More Lives: Add A Second Bridge

Yesterday afternoon there was an accident on the only bridge that is the access to the Hospital. This closed the bridge for well over an hour, leaving people stranded on both sides of the river.

18. Taxpayers Opposed to High Density Development Due to Poor Quality Roads

Platte County is seeking to position itself among the top growing counties in the Kansas City area. However in its zeal to make this happen, the Planning and Zoning Department repeatedly encourages and supports high density development in areas which are simply unsuitable for such owing to poor road conditions.

The most recent example is the proposed development at K and 45. Based on data provided in the developer’s traffic study this proposed development will nearly double the traffic already on K highway. This traffic would be in addition to traffic that will be added by the Chapel Ridge development as approved. In sum total, the planning and zoning department has recommended TRIPPLING the number of cars that will traverse K highway daily.

This is a direct violation of the traffic shed study funded, accepted, and adopted by the county. The proposal does not adequately address this cumulative impact of the added traffic from various developments either proposed or in progress.

19. Review Coast of Bays Pavement Issues

The road conditions in the Coast of Bays area are deplorable. Were asking for both depots to be open during the summer season and more focus to be put on more extreme areas and the entire towns not just here and there.

They cannot just fill a pothole today with sand and expect it to last through the snow melting water runoffs.

20. Seal Putty Valley Roads

In 1988 a commitment was made by the then Mayor of Singleton that the Putty Valley Road would be sealed at the rate of one kilometer a year.

This has not been actioned. The road is in a very poor condition and the dust from both local and emergency vehicles (section 44) constitutes a significant respiratory health and road safety risks.

21. Improve Signage & Reduce of Speed Limits on rural Hampshire Roads for the safety of horses & riders

Leisure riding is the most common equestrian pursuit and of riders who ride once a week or less, 46% citied access to safe off-road riding as a factor that would increase their riding opportunities.

The British Horse Society considers horse related traffic accidents to be significantly under reported, a view supported by the Hospital Episode Statistics Online. The HES data concerning external causes of visits to hospital in 2011–12 reported 4,199 episodes requiring treatment in hospital for ‘animal – rider or occupant animal drawn vehicle injured in transport accident’.

There were 183 Road Traffic Incidents reported on in 2012. These included :
2 Rider fatalities
12 Severe Rider Injuries
14 Horse Fatalities
3 Severe Horse Injuries*

In the last 2 weeks there have been 2 incidents in the Wickham/Shedfield area involving horses being hit by cars. Sadly one of these incidents involved in the death of the horse and the hospitalisation of the rider.

There is a lack of adequate road signage around equestrian facilities in the area and on surrounding roads which are regularly used by riders in order to access off road riding. There are also inappropriate speed limits on rural country road where riders are often present.

*All information courtesy of British Horse Society.

22. Make Portishead a safer place

Having lived in Portishead now for a few years, even in this short time I have seen the number of residence dramatically increase whilst the infrastructure remains mainly unchanged. The purpose of this position is to address two issues to make this great town a safer place for the ever growing number of children.

1) Railings around the remainder of the harbour

With an ever increasing number of young children in the area, this is proving to be a future catastrophe waiting to happen. Only recently a buggy and child ended up in the water and had it not been for the quick reaction of selfless passers by, there would be one less child in Portishead.

2) Parking restrictions or crossing points on Phoenix Way and Newfoundland Way

An emotive topic I am sure for most one way or another however access and egress to and from these main roads are increasingly impossible due to the increasing amount of mindless drivers who ignore the highway code and park on the corners.

We are not suggesting parking is stopped throughout, however, we would like to see some form of common sense shown in relation to the bends and junctions or at very lease, crossings incorporated onto the roads in order to aid people crossing.


23. Repair the church lane and road between Addlingfleet and Ousefleet

This is a petition for the roads listed above to be re-tarmacked so that it is easier for bus companies and the general public to use the the roads as they are dangerous to use at the moment.

24. Fix Avra Valley Rd for Miners and Contractors

The last 5 miles of Avra Valley Rd in pima county is so terrible, that some of the workers have had to replace certain parts on theirs vehicles prior to the average repair date. As car parts are rather expensive along with the repairs it is very costly for the workers to maintain vehicle stability.

Some workers have commented that they have to get alignments every couple months to prevent vehicle breakdown. The road can be considered dangerous for drivers to drive down as there are many holes and uneven paches in the pavement.

25. Just Fix the Roads

Michigan's transportation infrastructure is crumbling due to the lack of proper funding. Michigan roads are consistently ranked as the worst in the nation. The gas tax has not been increased since 1997 (16 years).

Poor roads and bridges are reducing safety, damaging vehicles, and lowering on time deliveries due to congestion and delays. The cost to repair the roads increases substantially as they go from fair to poor.

If we do not increase the investment in our transportation infrastructure, it is estimated that the number of Michigan roads in poor condition will increase to 65% by 2018 (currently 32%).

26. Closure of the exit of Riley Street into Connaught Road, Parow Valley, Cape Town

Parow Valley in Cape Town's Northern suburbs is a residential area and situated next to Beaconvale, which is an industrial area. Riley street, which is the street linking to the industrial area and surrounds, has become a thoroughfare for motorists and truck drivers. Most are careless and reckless.

This is a suburban area, where kids play in the street. It should be separated from the industrial area in order to avoid such happenings.

27. Stop rat running motorists in residential streets

Brisbane's inner city suburbs are being inundated with rat running motorists trying to escape peak hour congestion.

Residents are worried about safety and amenity on their local streets.

28. County of Maui: 2 Speed Tables neeeded in Kanaio on Piilani Highway

The Auwahi Windmill project began construction on a stretch of land in Kanai’o along Piilani Highway they removed all hills to help ease the pass of the large platforms in transportation to the projects main site.

In doing so, they have created a long smooth stretch of roadway; normally this would be a plus.

Speeding has became a huge issue and specifically in a school bus drop off zone which is a 15 mile an hour zone now the cars are flying through at speeds of 40 -50 and 60 MPH.

There have two recent collisions and one fatality in the last year as well as in 3 months two pregnant cows were hit and killed.

The removal of the hills are having a severe impact on the community’s safety. As well as the wild life and ranch in the area. We are petitioning the county to install TWO speed tables in the 15-mile an hour stretch at the school bus stops on each side of the main roadway reinstall speed limit signs all long the entire Piilani Highway as required.

29. Cyclists For Right Of Way Priority On UK Roads

30. Resurface Main Street Buttevant

Buttevant Main Street is on the N20 and a main artery between Cork & Limerick. The road is in total disrepair and has been marked as the worst primary road in Ireland.

As you drive your vehicle along this stretch of road your car just bounces along as every part of the surface is uneven.

The road is even higher than the pavement in places and you literally fall out of your vehicle onto the pavement.

Senior citizens have complained that they find it difficult to get off the bus or cross the road at some points.