Loudoun County Board of Supervisors & Leesburg Town Council
United States of America

The Leesburg Town Council has proposed an Annexation Plan which will almost double the area of the town, and could allow 6.5 times more commercial space than is currently built in Leesburg.

It will promote rampant overdevelopment, increased population, more cars, congestion and pollution. The Town will lose its istoric character and the natural environment will suffer great losses. Quality of life for residents will go down.

Though the Town has claimed that the annexation plan offers many benefits, such as increased revenues and new roads, these claims are based on misguided expectations, and myths.

The Town Council's economic projections for annexation are based on commercial development equal to half of Tyson's Corner. This would increase residential growth pressure, and result in higher taxes.

More town-controlled land won't lure high tech offices to Leesburg, but it is likely to scatter commercial development and contribute to further transportation problems.

Added neighborhoods will pay added Town taxes, with a questionable increase in services.

New roads don't solve congestion problems, but instead lead to more development and new congestion. The Town will have to convert rural land to suburban development so that developer money can build a new outer Bypass built. Instead, the existing Bypass needs to be fixed to work properly.

Most importantly, the Town's Annexation Plan contradicts what local residents want--slower growth. Annexation will increase growth pressures as land speculators look for profits.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has been actively working to respond to local citizens' call for slower growth. This Plan is designed to overturn those efforts in the Leesburg area.

If you support slower growth in Loudoun and Leesburg, please sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, petition the Leesburg Town Council to reverse its support for annexation. We also petition the Board of Supervisors to oppose annexation in compliance with the new Comprehensive Plan. Annexation could give Leesburg: Additional real estate taxes for annexed neighborhoods, multiple rings of bypasses, 100% increase in the size of the town, up to half the commercial potential of Tyson's Corner, increased tax demands for schools, roads, and other public facilities, more destination retail malls, and new suburban development in the countryside.

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