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As a tenant for several years now, we are disappointed to hear that our Resident Manager has been terminated because new Property Management feels that they do not get along and because she questioned her. We have been knowing Ms. Carter for three years now, and for some of us longer. We are proud to say that we are very pleased with her work and that we could not ask for anyone better. Although Ms. Carter can be very strict at times we feel that whatever she is enforcing is done for a reason. She is very good at talking to us and explaining the things that we need to take care of.

Ms. Carter often seems to go an extra mile to help us out (especially people like me who is very ill). In times of an emergency Ms.Carter always handle it as prompt and careful as possible. Listed is a few of the reasons we feel that Ms. Carter should continue to be our Resident Manager:

When the parking lot was getting paved, Ms. Carter came to us on a daily basis and explained in details where we needed to park. It would have been very annoying for me to have to do that because the parking lot paving was based on the weather. Although it took about a week to finally get the parking lot started on, due to the rainy weather and it appears to have been a lot of cars on one side, I think that Ms. Carter handled it very well.

For the tenants with section-8 who are not able to be home for section-8 to complete and inspection for before moving in Ms. Carter is nice enough to assist the Section-8 inspector, if she is available. There are many other reasons but these are a couple that we are proud to share.

She makes sure that we have a safe and pleasant place to live.

This petition will was created to ensure that our resident manager not be replaced for reasons that are not related to her job performace and to let you know that she is one of best Resident Managers that we've had thus far and that we appreciate her and we would like for her to continue to be our Resident Manager.

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