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Update: September 1, 2007

Please sign the updated petition at the following link Online petition - Support UN Membership for Taiwan.

The TECRO Press Release promoting the new petition can be found here.


The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a free and peace-loving state, and its democratically elected government is the only one that represents the interests and wishes of the people of Taiwan.

Taiwan is the only nation not represented in the global assembly. The United Nations' exclusion of Taiwan violates the principles and spirit of the UN Charter, in particular the fundamental principle of universality, and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Taiwan and its 23 million people are capable of making significant contributions to many UN efforts around the globe. Taiwan is also eager to do its part to combat such international problems as regional conflict, terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, and environmental degradation. However, Taiwan is denied an important means of collaborating with international partners. This unnecessarily complicates the task at hand and hampers efforts to deal with such critical issues.

Moreover, as we enter the tenth anniversary of the 1996 Taiwan Strait Missile Crisis, the recent missile tests by North Korea have once again raised grave concerns throughout the international community. From this perspective, Taiwan’s allies have expanded the scope of areas with security concerns in the peace proposal to include all East Asian countries rather than just the Taiwan Strait. They stress that certain countries in the region engage in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction as well as missile deployment or testing, thereby escalating regional tension and affecting world peace.

Taiwan is a democratic nation that respects human rights, freedom, and peace. Taiwan meets all the requirements of UN membership. It makes little sense that Taiwan is ignored when considering the fact that Taiwan serves as a model for freedom and democracy in the Asia-Pacific and a beacon of hope for those living under communist rule. To safeguard peace, the United Nations has to facilitate the necessary dialogue between Taiwan and the People's Republic of China.

Please support Taiwan and help it gain representation in the United Nations.

Taiwan stands ready to take its rightful place among the member states of the United Nations. Including Taiwan in the United Nations would make the world body more representative, comprehensive and effective.

We, the undersigned, support Taiwan and Taiwan's representation in the United Nations.

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