Food & Drug Administration and Congress
United States of America

Ninety percent of the foregoing irradiation report was written by Frontier, premier supplier of bulk herbs and spices untouched by government hands. From the facts of the foregoing: the little bottles and cans of $3 or $4 per ounce spices and herbs flying under one name or another in your supermart are serious poisons. And every commercially manufactured food item, no exceptions, is highly suspect for irradiation. There is no way for you to determine the truth. You are rendered totally helpless by our friendly government FDA and Congress in support of the food manufacturing industry.

When I discovered this topic in May 1995 when I read the interview published in the newsletter Nutrition and Healing that follows this report, I stopped eating restaurant food and stopped buying any processed foods off the shelf or in refrigerators in the store. I didn't stop buying irradiated spices until 1998 because I wasn't aware that the supermarket spices are all radioactive until I ran into a display of non-irradiated spices and began asking questions. Wow!

These poisons are approved and sponsored by the United States federal
government. The agency responsible for this official approval to offer you
atomic energy poison, radioactive minerals, is the Food and Drug
Administration. This agency, FDA, is specifically chartered to protect you
and me from exactly such poisons. This is not an error, or innocent ignorance.

Now you know that you are on your own in these matters. Nobody is coming to
help you.

IRRADIATED FOODS should be stopped by the FDA or at least lable all foods, even prepackaged or processed food containing more than one irradiated ingredient, for consumer protection. Studies have shown that irradiated foods are unsafe and the public has a right to know what they are eating. The FDA must lable genetically modified foods as well for the same reasons.

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