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Since AOL took alot of chat hosts from People Connection chat rooms, there has been alot of illegal material being tossed around. People can no longer enter a room and chat, instead they have to deal with people trading pictures and video files containing nudity, child pornography, and other things of sexual nature. This mainly happens in the Gay and Lesbian chats throughout AOL's People Connection. When someone calls on a chat host for help, they tell us they can not help us and to report it. There is too much of it to report, if we reported all of it, we would spend atleast 3 hours in a single room doing nothing but reporting. The chats on AOL are out of hand and something needs done.

The signers of this petition would like to either see a program made to block and take appropriate action against those who violate AOL's Terms of Service in a chat room, or we would like to see AOL put chat hosts back into the Gay and Lesbian People Connection chats.

Please sign this petition to help make the AOL chatting experience better for everyone.

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