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1. Reform Post Conviction Georgia Sex Offender Laws on Registered Sex Offenders


Laws should be reformed for registered sex offenders who are first time offenders in the Georgia penal system and have not needed classification after a 5 year clear post conviction record, and have been on the Georgia registry from 8 to 10 years with a clear record.

These offenders should receive immediate relief from registering annually,and their record be rendered inactive- and reactivated only if they re-offend and commit another sex crime and - not be rearrested for getting a traffic ticket.

This frees the law enforcement to track released offenders who have not registered and add the registry those apprehended to replace the offenders who have served their sentences and done 8 to 10 years from their incarceration release, and to also incarcerate new offenders which haven't yet been arrested.

2. Compulsory De-sexing of Cats and Dogs for non-Registered Breeders

We strongly believe that the majority of Registered Cat and Dog Breeders in Australia are doing the right thing. Changes need to happen with non-registered backyard breeders and the large number of pets in society which are not being de-sexed and are falling pregnant accidentally.

We are asking for your support in this petition to let the Australian Government know that, you also want a law change to require people who are not Registered Breeders to desex their cats and dogs. If such a change did happen we believe there would be a huge reduction in the number of unwanted cats and dogs ending up in shelters and euthanasia across Australia.

3. Save our Early Years Day Care Provision

Recent developments within the college have indicated that the future of the Full Day Care Provision based at Longford Street is under threat of closure.

The setting operates primarily for the children of parents who attend classes in the college. The setting is registered for children 2 yrs to under 5 years. Currently practically the children attending have E.A.L. English as an Additional Language) and are from a diverse racial and cultural background and so of course the same goes for our parents and the children’ families. The staff mirror the diversity of our local community and in total have 15 different languages spoken between them.

This Full Day Care setting is on a highly regarded Quality Assurance programme with Camden Early Years Development. Camden Early Years is keen to propose the WKC Full Day Care setting as an example of Good Practice and Excellence on a new Quality Provision Register due to be launched. As part of the college’s duty to promote Every Child Matters and Every Parent Matters outcomes, providing such high quality care for the children of students is contributing to enhancing the parent and child’s life opportunities and Lifelong Learning.

4. Petition for Michael to make SAP

Mr. Michael Sanchez who's been enrolled in college and has completed all his classes recently registered for 12 credit hours for the Fall semester 2009.

During this time, Michael was picked by MTV to cover his journey in finding his daughter, since michael began his journey to locate his daughter, he will be unable to complete his 12 credit hours that he registered for.

Michael has tried his best to complete all courses but he will be unable to do so this semester.

5. Republican Party Must Return to Conservatism (for Registered GOP)

The Republican Party has continued to stray from the Reagan conservatism that made it effective and a force for good in the world. If the GOP hopes to become relevant again, it must halt this left-ward drift and return to conservatism.

Otherwise, it will continue to lose elections and to give this country by default to the socialists, fascists, and others on the Left who currently are working through the Democrat Party and its affiliates in various NGOs and the mainstream news media.

6. Online Registered Sex Offenders

Registered offender information is made available to the public which requires offenders to register their current address with their local law enforcement agency.

As of yet their is not a LAW which states that they also have to list their Online information.

7. Promote HIV/AIDS Education and Relief of Poverty in Africa

January 26, 2006

The Mother and Child African Relief Organization (MACARO), a non-profit organization registered in New York (1992) under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, is accorded special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) (1997), and is also registered in Freetown, Sierra Leone as an International Non-Governmental Organization.

In addition, the process of registering the organization in Monrovia, Liberia is now in progress.

The organisation wishes to promote HIV/AIDS education and the relief of poverty.

8. The Miki Bill

In February of 2004 one of my dearest friends' daughter, Mikiala Martinez, was kidnapped from the streets of our hometown, Great Bend, Kansas. Mikiala was then taken to rural Barton County, where these 2 men admittedly beat, shot her and hid her body. Since this heinous crime against this mother of two, James Martinez (Mikis father) and I have been attempting to pass a new Kansas Law that will help us as the public to protect ourselves against these violent offenders.

We are very fortunate to have Representatives John Edmonds and Bob Bethel guiding us through the State House. We feel only military, law enforcement and legislators alike are bestowed with the authority, the ability and have undertaken the duty to protect. Other than this we must protect ourselves.

Public notification regarding the potential risk that accompanies these such violent offenders has been highly understated. Statistics prove the majority of these violent offenders violate parole, there for they violate another innocent being. Noone can protect themselves, their homes or their loved ones from potential danger if they are unaware of its presence.

We feel we have THE RIGHT TO KNOW when such violent offenders are released in our community and we hope you agree. There are several ways you can show your support: one short phone call, email or send postal mail to your state representatives, senators, governor, local law enforcement or even email to us, /

Or if you would like give James a call at 620-617-3421. We are grateful for any support any of you find the time to give.

God Bless Mikiala

9. Jessica Lunsford (a child's right)

March 22, 2005

We need more rights for children! This is a petition for a 9 year old girl known as Jessica Lunsford.

She is no longer here because of a sick man who was a sex offender and never was registered as one. We need to put a stop to a sex offender's freedom.

They do not deserve freedom! How could he of not even been registerd as one? This is not right! Everyone has a right to know who the offenders are and where they are all located so our children are aware of them too and can be more safe.

10. Legalisation of drug USE in New South Wales.

This petition is for the conditional legalisation of recreational drugs. Please read then sign. There is a printed written version of the petition, which I have signed. Thank you.


The petition of certain citizens of New South Wales

State that:
* Recreational drug use has not been stopped or solved by punitive measures.
* Recreational drug use is a health issue, more than an issue of Law and Order.
* Recreational drug USE is not and never has been an issue of morality. (Matthew 26:27-29)
* Chemical purity recreational drug tests are available to the general public for commercial sale.
* Recreational drug use has become a cultural and social emblem of individual identity. (e.g. tobacco and alcohol.)
* Recreational drug users can maintain and facilitate constructive and professional employment, and otherwise lead normal, healthy, pro-active lives.
* There should be a responsible use of fear in our society.
* Through sound and legitimate communication, guidance, support and education, young people should be encouraged to take responsibility for the repercussions of their actions, and faith, self-confidence and courage in making their own decisions.

Your petitioners request that the House
* move for the legalisation of drug use. Under the following provision of successful application of a Recreational drug health test from a registered Medical Practitioner. The test could include tobacco and alcohol. Successful applicants would be given a "prescription" to be given to a registered chemist/pharmacist, thus regulation preventing overdose and assuring quality control. The unsuccessful applicants would be referred to appropriate counselling support groups for hospitalisation and treatment. All the collated data would be sent to the appropriate administration for scientific medical and authoritarian research. Anti-social behaviour could also result in a probationary application period.

11. Make John Kerry Support Howard Stern

The free speech rights of Howard Stern are being violated by the US Government via the FCC. Since Howard came out against George W. Bush he is being made a target of a secret investigation by Michael Powell's FCC. Howard has elected to support John Kerry on the air but Kerry has already spoken against Howard when Kerry said Clear Channel was right to pull Howard's show from 6 markets. While it is a top priority to get Bush out of office, Kerry may be just as bad unless we the people (and Sterns fans)can convince him in advance of the election to come out against the FCC or at least for Howard's free speech rights. The FCC should not be able to decide what is indecent for us to listen to on the radio in the morning. Those who support taking that minor pleasure from us are wrong-headed and controlling and will eventually destroy our constitution and country with their minority holier than thou attitudes. They are winning the fight but we have not lost the war. Please sign and distribute this petition which will tell Kerry how many registered voters will vote for Nader if Kerry doesn't comply. It seems like the least we could ask of him as we swing the election in his favor.

I will send to Kerry and the DNC the following message along with the petition:

John Kerry, the undersigned petitioners are registered voters or promise they will register to vote in the November election. These voters are adult fans of Howard Stern and are concerned that the right to free speech in our country is being violated by a vocal minority. John Kerry these people pledge to give you our votes but only if prior to the election you take a stand to eliminate the FCC or drastically cut back it's ability to control the "content" of our airwaves. You should realize that a small number of people organize groups of their followers to duplicate complaints and sway the FCC (not to mention advertisers and broadcasters) to penalize broadcasters for barely adult content. The Howard Stern show is certainly not "obscene" and "indecent" is such an arguable word that a court should decide, not a group of politically appointed officials ruling the FCC. John Kerry, if you care about the constitution, you will make this minor step and take a stand in support of Howard's right to do his show and speak his mind.

So the choice is yours, make the pledge and get the votes that will guarantee your victory or don't and know that the votes could go to Ralph Nader and that may cost you the election. The First Amendments right to free speech is so important that every candidate should be speaking out in support of it but instead the opposite is happening.

12. Make Groundball an Officially Registered Sport

More information about Groundball can be found at
Groundball is a relatively new sport, only a few years old. The concept of groundball is simple. Groundball is played on a court made up of two triangular boxes placed 10 metres apart. Players win points by achieving to "ground" the ball in the opponents triangular. The first to 19 points (2 points clear) wins a set, matches being the best of 5 sets.

Groundball is hugely popular amongst it's players, and many people enjoy playing. The World Groundball Association are now petitioning to make Groundball an officially registered sport.

13. Unban Marke Smithers from the Tholuxe Paells server

This is a petition to get Marke Smithers unbanned from the Tholuxe Paells server. It is the opinion of the undersigned persons, who are represented by their character names, that Marke Smithers should not have been banned. While we acknowledge Marke did make a mistake by swearing in a public channel, we believe it was heavy handed and unnecessary to ban his account. Furthermore, it is believed that previous warnings registered against his account (in particular for disruption at a Best of the Best tournament) were overreactions on the part of customer service staff. Marke has contributed a lot to the Tholuxe Paells server, and the server is a worse place without him. Please review his file, and unban Marke Smithers.

14. End Genetic Horse Disease - HYPP

HYPP or Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis is a genetic disorder that affects both horses. It has, so far, been traced in horses back to a Quarter Horse ironically named "Impressive." The disorder causes horses that are affected to have muscle spazams, ranging in intensity from unnoticable to unable to stand. A horse may go a very long time, years in fact, without showing any symptoms, then suddenly deteriorate.

When tested for HYPP, there are three possible results: n/n (unaffected) n/h (affected) and h/h (affected, having inherited the h gene from both of the foal's parents. Because the h gene is dominant, a horse with the result n/h has as large a chance of being sick as a horse who receives a result of h/h. Horses who have the dual combination of the bad gene, however, tend to be sicker earlier. 50%, not 25%, of the offspring of a horse with the test result n/h will carry the h gene. The only way to eradicate this problem is to stop all breeding of all horses who possess the h gene. Period.

The Apaloosa Horse Club Of Canada is on the right track. Please follow their link to see what their plan is on this issue. Basiscally, they are already refusing registration to any affected horse that is not steralized. In 2002, they plan to deny registration to ANY horse that is affected. Also, at present, any horse applying for or already registered with the ApHCC must be tested at the request of the ApHCC and have the findings noted on the horse's certificate. This is the least we can ask for. I want disclosure. Breeders should have to tell potential clients about this disorder if they have a positive test result, and sellers should have to tell buyers.

The picture is of my beautiful little filly when she was one day old. Her test just came back positive.

I am not a vet, or any kind of expert. This is just my understanding of what I've read on the subject and my side of my own personal experience.