Republican National Committee and Chairman Steele
United States of America

The Republican Party has continued to stray from the Reagan conservatism that made it effective and a force for good in the world. If the GOP hopes to become relevant again, it must halt this left-ward drift and return to conservatism.

Otherwise, it will continue to lose elections and to give this country by default to the socialists, fascists, and others on the Left who currently are working through the Democrat Party and its affiliates in various NGOs and the mainstream news media.

We, the undersigned, are registered Republicans who demand that our party return to its conservative roots of smaller government, traditional values, and fiscal responsibility.

We call upon chairman Steele and the RNC to listen to the concerns of us - the base and grassroots of the Party - and support only conservative candidates in competitive primaries and elections, and to take principled stands in favor of conservative positions on the issues facing us all today.

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