#Children's Rights
United States Congress
United States of America

March 22, 2005

We need more rights for children! This is a petition for a 9 year old girl known as Jessica Lunsford.

She is no longer here because of a sick man who was a sex offender and never was registered as one. We need to put a stop to a sex offender's freedom.

They do not deserve freedom! How could he of not even been registerd as one? This is not right! Everyone has a right to know who the offenders are and where they are all located so our children are aware of them too and can be more safe.

Let's put a stop to releasing sex offenders to the public without being exposed and alerting the public of them. We have a right to know who they are! Have them all registered as the offender they are before releasing them and keep them under close survelliance and supervision.

Those who not only violate innocnet children but go as far as to take them away from us should be penalized to death or at least life in prison without parole!

Please sign below, thank you.

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