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1. Support Lidl Calcot

Lidl have acquired the former Horncastle Garage Site on Bath Road, Calcot and we are delighted to be in a position to commence consultation with the local community on Lidl’s proposed plans.

The site was purchased by the previous owners, Inchcape in 2007, with the building having been vacated only a few months earlier with Ford consolidating their offer to their franchise on Basingstoke Road. Inchcape purchased the site with a view to obtaining planning permission for a new BMW and Mini showroom. Planning was obtained for a 3 storey dealership in January 2009, but due to the polarisation of motor dealers around the A33, Inchcape re-thought their strategy. Lidl completed their purchase of the site in July 2015.

Our proposal will regenerate the site which has been disused for many years with a Lidl food store to the company's new specification. The new specification store is larger than older generation stores and will be modern and efficient, offering a light, spacious and attractive shopping environment for customers. 95% of Lidl’s offer is own-brand products, with this store predicted to generate an average annual turnover of £4.4m. A Tesco Express will generate circa £3M in annual turnover whereas a large Waitrose, ASDA or Sainsbury’s could have an annual turnover of £30M - £40M.

As Lidl is not a one-stop shop, linked shopping trips to with other local retailers would be likely. The development would not only aid competition in the Calcot area, but would also bring greater shopping choice to local residents and create up to 40 new local jobs.

We will shortly be publishing a full set of development plans and we have launched a website ( as part of our comprehensive public consultation exercise.

2. Anti-infrastructure petition to NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman asking him to intervene in the Reading, NY gas-storage issue

Crestwood Midstream, a Houston-based company, is seeking to expand gas-storage operations in Reading, NY Salt Caverns on Seneca Lake. They plan on storing both fracked "natural" gas and LP gas.

Salt-cavern gas storage is the most dangerous form of gas storage and is responsible for most of the catastrophic gas-storage accidents over the past thirty years. These particular salt-caverns were years ago rejected by the Department of Energy for the storage of nuclear waste, because the DOE found them too geologically unstable. Fault lines run through them, and there is evidence that the roof has collapsed in one of the storage chambers. If this expansion takes place, we will also face dangers from the transport of gas by pipeline, rail and truck, and the possible contamination of Seneca Lake, the drinking water source for more than 100,000 people.

There are many aspects of this plan that should be investigated, among them, a county legislative chair with gas-industry ties who pushed through an endorsement of this project; and a local fire department that, on the one hand, publicly claims it can handle potential Crestwood-related emergencies when it can't, and on the other hand, takes money from Crestwood.

We hear stories that employees at Crestwood subsidiary US Salt were threatened with job loss if they didn't support the project. We have questions about why the Reading town board approved this project while nearby towns oppose it. And we have serious concerns as to why the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is keeping the most important documents related to safety (e.g. revised geological reports) secret from the public at the request of Crestwood.

3. Support a Third Reading Road Bridge

The need for a flood-proof third bridge over the River Thames is recognised by people across Reading and the wider area.

Reading’s Labour council is seeking to work with Conservative run Wokingham as well as with councils in Oxfordshire and business organisations to build support for a new bridge.

4. A secondary school for east Reading with the best facilities at the best location

East Reading needs to plan to increase the number of secondary school places available to families. The local council have bought some land in Crescent Road, adjacent to the UTC and Alfred Sutton Primary School. It is land designated for Educational use and has playing fields and some existing classrooms on the site.

The conservative MP for east Reading is promoting the conversion of the iconic North entrance of the Royal Berkshire Hospital on London Road. This site is located on a main road, has no outdoor space, playing fields or parking, and in addition, it is a grade 2 listed building and currently houses hospital clinical facilities.

5. Erect cycle barriers on Bath Road footbridge Reading

The footbridge over the railway line at the junction of Bath Road and Berkeley Avenue is currently dangerous to pedestrians as cyclists use it instead of the road.

A three year old girl was hit by a cyclist there recently.

Cycle barriers would stop cyclists using this narrow footway and ensure that pedestrians and pushchairs can safely cross the bridge.

6. Construct a Barnes and Noble in Brownsville, Texas

There is an urgent need to construct a Barnes and Noble in Brownsville, TX., as all other bookstores have gone out of business and their is no place for people who enjoy reading to go.

Children are missing out on the pleasure and joy of literacy.

7. Allow disabled people access to all on street parking bays 24/7

Earlier this year Reading Borough Council instigated a number of changes to disabled parking bays and the times during which they can be accessed.

These changes include restricting access to the majority of the on road bays immediately surrounding the town centre so that they may only be accessed from 11am to 4pm and again after 7pm.

The roads most affected are St Mary's Butts, West Street and Friar Street

This has made it unreasonably difficult for many disabled people to access the shops and other facilities in the town.

A council representative has claimed that the the majority of people are happy with the changes, this is obviously true as the majority of people are not disabled and have little or no understanding of the real life ramifications of these changes for disabled people.

Examples of things that are now virtually impossible for many disabled people to do include:

A drink out with work friends/ family after work,
A meal before seeing a show at the local theatre
Early morning shopping to beat the crowds
Staying in town after shopping to eat out
Getting to one of the opticians who has served the community for many years
Getting to a number of well known high street shops

The current proposals to resolve the access issues appears to be to force all blue badge holders into wheelchairs of some form (Shop mobility) regardless of their individual needs and to expect the local shops/traders to cover the cost.

With economic downturn comes cuts, and the proposals leave disabled people reliant upon the funding of retailers/traders and upon charities. If they decide to remove the funding in the future, disabled people will be yet again unable to use the town and its facilities

The only long term way to ensure access to the town for disabled people during the same periods as able bodied people is to provide appropriately placed kerbside parking that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. New Site for Manga and Anime

Well there are less and less sites with manga and anime and some don't have them all.

9. Allow Gunner Kruze-Wilde into

Gunner is beloved by many and missed by his friends already in RP World Group. Gunner adds value and fun to the pages and needs to be with his family and friends.

It's not right to continue to exclude him from the group. Please send this link your family and friends, anyone who is an avid reader. We need all the help we can to overturn this decision.

THANK YOU! We love you GUNNER!!!!

10. Bring in 20 mph zones to residential roads in Reading

Reading Lib Dems have led the campaign for many years for the introduction of 20mph zones in residential roads in Reading to increase road safety and cut accidents.

The Coalition Government has recently relaxed restrictions on councils making it easier for them to introduce 20mph zones and variable speed limits outside schools.

We are calling for action now.

11. More funding for individualised literacy programmes in schools

What is happening schools? Children who should be on Individual Learning Plans because they are so far behind in literacy, are getting the same homework as the rest of the class.What's the point? Worse still ,are those children who need extra help ,one to one assistance,but due to no funding,they don't receive the help they need.

It is tragic,that more and more funding is being taken out of the classroom. It is a money game for the schools trying to balance and share out what meagre monies they do receive. They receive money for children with a formal diagnosis, but even that is not much in the scheme of things.

So, we see teacher's aids shared around the school, between children with the greatest need- usually literacy programmes are left to the over stretched classroom teachers, and thus we see children slipping further and further behind. If the school is lucky, they may have a specialist coming in once a week, who will write recommendations, but its up to the teacher to find the time and resources to implement.

Parents are very often brought in to help in the classroom, but these children need one to one individual help. So what is the answer?

Parents and teachers alike, must petition government at all levels to make literacy a priority.

Every child must have access to quality, individualised literacy intervention.

Sign this online petition and comment.

12. Reading Residents Say No to New Visitor Parking Rules

Reading Borough Council have changed the visitor parking permits which local residents who live within the restricted parking zone receive each year. Each household use to receive 20 free permits a year ( 2 books with 10 permits). These permits were full day permits which were valid from the day specified until the following morning at 10am.

This has now been changed, each household will receive 1 book with 20 permits these are now called Half Day Permits. The restrictions are that your visitor will have to specify either am or pm for one permit. AM times are 8am - 2pm and PM at 2pm - 8am the following morning.

This means you will now have to specify when your visitors arrive to your home, if they arrive mid morning and left after 8am the following morning you would potentially use 3 permits for just one visit!

As each permit costs £1 this will be a charge of £3 per visit after 6 visits you would definitely have to order a new permit book (with 2 permits left from your free book) at a cost £20.

Even if visitors did not stay over night you would use on average 2 permits per visit. So each book would give you 10 visits!

No doubt visitors will be caught out after failing to leave at 8am ( if an additional permit isn't used, with the intention of leaving at 8am) and finding a parking ticket at a cost of £30! Leaving us all on edge due to having an overnight visitor.

Residents are allowed a further five (paid) books after the free permit book is issued.

13. Protect Young People from the Tobacco Industry

RCASA needs your support to show that the tobacco industry continues to target young people in communities across Massachusetts by constantly changing its tactics to get around laws and regulations that protect youth.

14. Support New Reader Libraries

As our supporters will know, we believe a national public library service is vital to the democratic impulse which lead to the great Libraries Act of 1850.

There is some great work going on in the public library service, and we want to celebrate that (see Libraries We Love) , but change is needed.

Libraries could do much more to meet social and individual needs. New thinking and additional money needs to be brought so that libraries can reach out to the greatest and growing need.

Our own experience shows that shared reading can play a practical and important role in delivering outcomes in public health, employment and educational attainment and we want to further develop the reach of the library services to deliver these and other outcomes.

We want to work with library staff and local authorities to bring these great changes about.

15. John Hollingsworth Field at RMHS

John Hollingsworth served the citizens and youth of Reading for 27 years as school teacher, coach, athletic director, and mentor with humility, compassion, humor and honesty. He is the longest tenured football coach in RMHS history.

Over a span of twenty years, he coached five Middlesex League champions, won 100 games, and has been elected to both the Massachusetts Football Coach and RMHS Athletics Halls of Fame. Coach Hollingsworth is arguably the most successful football coach in RMHS history, and his on-field record is unassailable. However, for the community in which he lived and raised his family, his impact stretches far beyond the field, into the classroom, and through the fabric of Reading life.

There is no greater example of leadership and devotion to Reading's youth, as he inspired generations of Reading students to live principled lives and strive for excellence through discipline, hard work and unwavering commitment. More than 25 years after his retirement, scores of Reading families fondly remember this man, his words, his demeanor, and his general approach to life. It is because of these of these attributes that his impact shines to this day.

As a means of honoring its most influential educators, the Reading Public Schools established a process for naming various educational facilities after deserving individuals. Suggestions for naming the football field for Coach Hollingsworth have been floated about since the 1980s, but there was no defined means to make this happen. By following the newly created process, a group of ardent supporters nominated Coach Hollingsworth in 2010. His name was the only finalist chosen by a special Naming Sub-Committee to be forwarded to the School Committee for consideration. In February, 2011, contrary to strong public support and the Naming Sub-Committee’s recommendation, the Reading School Committee rejected John Hollingsworth as worthy of this honor by a 5-1 vote.

The explanations given to date for this decision seem to be at odds with the clear intent of the facility naming process. No other names have been placed in nomination and no objections have been voiced by the school committee members regarding Coach Hollingsworth's character, contributions or record of achievement.

We feel the School Committee's decision is arbitrary and without merit. We therefore ask that the School Committee immediately reopen the nomination of John Hollingsworth for public discourse, re-examine the merits of his nomination and, accordingly, name the football field at Reading Memorial High School “John Hollingsworth Field”. Doing so will not only honor the man, but also the Town of Reading and all of its citizens, past and present.

16. NO MORE CUTS TO Senior Services in Reading!


2010- The Coordinator of Volunteers was cut from the town budget.

2011- The FY12 budget presented to the Selectmen on 1/11 & 1/18 proposed to cut the Elder Services Administrator to part time.

When the Reading Elder Services Budget is cut, seniors will be impacted. The Senior Center will be impacted, and services to help seniors remain in their homes will be impacted.

17. The Ban of Tobacco Sales in Reading, MA Pharmacies

On behalf of the Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse (RCASA) Youth Crew, we wish to make you aware of a movement taking place against the sale of tobacco products in Reading pharmacies.

Our hope is to pass a legal ban against their sale, following in the footsteps of other youth-based organizations across the state. Tobacco is a toxin not only literally within the cigarette, but tobacco is a toxin to society. It is hypocritical that a place that sells life saving medications, also sells a life draining drug. We need your help to rectify this apparent problem.

We ask of you to sign your name on this petition and spread the word about our actions. We appreciate your support in joining this cause.

Thank you.

18. Save Whitley Excellence Cluster

Reading Borough Council is currently proposing to cease funding for the Whitley Excellence Cluster, despite the increase in attainment and aspiration that it has been shown to lead to.

This petition was presented to Reading Borough Council on 14th February and received extensive local press coverage.

There were over 600 paper based signatures as well as the online ones

Unfortunately the lead councillor for education, Cllr Mark Ralph was not willing to take any action to support the continuing work.

This is despite the impact he acknowledged it has had on education in the area.

This petition doesn't ask Reading Borough council to keep necessarily keep funding at the existing level, but for them to stop being complacent and to act now find a way to protect this essential support to children in South Reading.

However the campaign will continue and we will look for other ways to support South Reading's schools, so please sign and we will send you occasional updates.

Please also take a look at the website.

19. Protect Reading's elderly and vulnerable people

The new Conservative and Lib Dem administration in Reading have announced plans to review the eligibility criteria for the care they provide to elderly and vulnerable people such as those with learning difficulties. Elsewhere in Berkshire where this has happened thousands of people have lost much needed services.

The Local Green Party believes that the cuts will affect thousands of Reading families who rely on these services to support them in living their day to day lives and it is essential that we fight to keep these services.

Recent local news articles on the proposed cuts can be found on line by following the links below.

If you or anyone you know are concerned about how these cuts might affect you, please have your say by signing the petition.

If you would like to get more involved in campaigning against these cuts then please get in touch with Rob White or Melanie Eastwood through the Reading Green party website.

20. Save Jobs at the University of Reading

The University plans to appoint a reader/professor in theatre and sack one lecturer specialising in film and one lecturer specialising in television. This is part of the University’s plans to both save money and to reshape the University ‘strategically’. The two lecturers who will be dismissed are most likely to be junior members of staff (the department has a high proportion of young lecturers) and the new reader/professor will certainly be on a much higher pay scale. Therefore, the cost saving objective behind this plan is not apparent. Neither does the ‘reshaping strategy’ (e.g. scaling back film and television while investing in theatre) have any clear reasoning behind it. Repeatedly, the University has claimed that the decision to favour theatre in the current plans is based upon perceptions of relative research strength. For example, early in the process of planning where to make cuts, the University management suggested that film performed less well in the last RAE (Research Assessment Exercise). It was pointed out that this was pure speculation (the RAE results are completely anonymous and do not identify individual lecturers let alone separate theatre from film or television) and they eventually retracted this claim (or, rather, stopped saying it). However, they continue to point to the perceived greatest value for the department of theatre as a research discipline as the basis for their decisions. Whenever they are questioned on the academic basis for their strategy, the University management is unable to point to any factual data, any objective or empirical evidence. We, the undersigned, point out that the University seems to be basing their continued strategy, which will destroy two careers, on gossip and innuendo.

Moreover, by singling out film and television specialists, the University is effectively undermining the interdisciplinarity of the department, which is one of its renowned features. For example, the BA in Film and Theatre is a single-honours degree. The disciplines are substantially integrated through the department’s teaching, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as through the department’s research. Moreover, the recently advertised post of reader/professor in theatre would be the replacement of a retired member of staff whose job title was ‘professor in film and drama’.

We note that the department has been unable to appoint at reader level or above in theatre on two separate occasions (the post was last advertised in August 2010 and the University was unable to draw up a shortlist of a sufficient calibre). In effect, this means that the University will fire two (almost certainly junior) academics in order to have the ‘research leadership’ of a person who they cannot find. This is not only morally indefensible but is also severely misguided. The department is a very young one (in terms of the age of its lecturers), the University having repeatedly invested in the long-term potential of junior staff. Neither the University nor the department has ever suggested junior staff are not fulfilling this potential, so they should have the patience to realise the long-term vision their previous appointments demonstrated and reward the excellence in teaching and research displayed by this vibrant department. The University has also invested in an £11 million building for the department (opening Easter this year), which will contain state of the art facilities for theatre, film and television, and we, the undersigned, suggest the University should better value the staff who will work in its new buildings.

In the current climate, many will feel that financial savings must be made at Reading and at other universities. However, here as elsewhere, savings can be made by voluntary redundancy and the non-replacement of staff. We do not accept the University pursuing a misguided and short-termist agenda that will destroy careers, staff morale, will weaken the diversity of research and teaching in the department and is part of a ‘strategy’ that is ill-conceived and lacks an objective grounding in fact.

Please read on...

To those signing the petition, we ask if you would please email as many of the senior members of the University of Reading management that you can in order to protest against its mistreatment of staff and to demand that it withdraw from its plans for a new appointment in theatre so that it can save existing posts.

The email addresses are below and we have also included a suggested template for the email at the bottom. Please use/don’t use as you see fit. We would be so grateful if you can show your support for the staff in Reading FTT in any way you can and protest against the sacking of two lecturers in order to get in a new, more senior member of staff. This is all part of a severely misguided (not to mention callous) management agenda.

Thank you so much for your support!

Gordon Marshall (Vice Chancellor):

Christopher Fisher (President of University Council):

Tony Downes (Deputy Vice Chancellor):

Rob Robson (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning):

Sue Walker (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities):

Jonathan Bignell (Head of School of Arts, English and Communication Design and member of FTT department):

Dear *,

I call on the University of Reading to withdraw its plans to make two lecturers redundant in its Film, Theatre and Television department (FTT) while appointing a new reader/professor in the same department. The University says that its ‘intention remains of course to avoid the need for compulsory redundancy where this is possible’ yet these redundancies are clearly avoidable here – a reader/professor clearly costs a lot more than the lecturers the University plans to dismiss. These redundancies will not only potentially destroy two careers, they will undermine the interdisciplinarity the FTT department is known for and the diversity and vibrancy of its teaching and research.

In the current climate, the University management clearly feels that financial savings must be made. However, here as elsewhere, the savings can be made by voluntary redundancy and the non-replacement of staff. I contend that this would be a much less divisive and much less destructive way of coping with the current funding crisis and would therefore prove to be a much more effective management policy in the longer term.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

Yours *

21. Do Not Exclude Reading Borough Children from Maiden Erlegh School Catchment Area

Wokingham Borough Council has plans to change the school catchement area around Maiden Erlegh School to exclude children who currently attend Alfred Sutton PrimarySchool. It plans to exclude these children from September 2012.

This change will remove the opportunity for Alfred Sutton Primary school children to attend their traditional and local Senior school. This change is unwelcome and is something that many Alfred Sutton School parents would resist.

To see 5 reasons why you should object to Wokingham's proposals go to:

22. Financial support for Thames Valley University students being forced to move

Thames Valley University have just confirmed some appalling news to a number of its students currently studying at the Reading campus; their course is being transferred to Ealing.

The students involved are deeply concerned about the financial cost to them; commuting to London will cost some students up to £50 a day, not to mention the time lost during the commute. The stressed caused from the move is disrupting the lectures and the quality of work. A few have been forced to quit and many are considering dropping out the course we have been paying for.

We are asking for financial support from Thames Valley University to help us continue the course we enjoy. It seems reasonable to ask for help toward our increasing travel expenses.

23. Bring Rosenior Back

Liam Rosenior is a right-back that signed for Reading in 2007. Although he lived in the shadow of captain Graeme Murty, he was capable cover throughout the remainder of the 06/07 season and also going into 07/08 season.

He was one of the players that decided to stay at Reading despite relegation and growing interest from Premier League clubs. He was an integral part of our promotion push which soon failed in the Play-Off semi-final.

At the start of the 09/10 season, there was apparent interest in Rosenior from Hull City but said he wanted to stay and Reading and try and get them back to the Premier League. This provoked a great response from the fans and was also one of the candidates for the captaincy at one point. Only to be let go days later on deadline day to Ipswich on loan and to sign a player in Shaun Cummings who is nowhere near the quality of Rosenior.

The reason for his departure was the Premier League wages and as his contract was running out at the end of the season. The simple answer was to give him a new contract but Reading Football Club refused too. Its not too late and you can help by telling all your family and friends to sign up and try and get Rosey back!!

24. We want Old Nick Shows

Nick studios in florida closed in 2005 and ever since then all the old nick shows were taken off air. After that happened all the other nick studios started to take place of the old nick studios in Florida and what I've been reading on the internet every one wants the old nick shows back on

25. Reading's weekly veggie day

The Belgium town of Ghent is the first town in the world to go vegetarian at least once a week. There will be a regular weekly meatless day, in which civil servants and elected councillors will opt for vegetarian meals. Schoolchildren will follow suit with their own veggie day.

It is hoped the move will cut Ghent's environmental footprint and help tackle obesity. Around 90,000 so-called "veggie street maps" have printed to help people find the city's vegetarian eateries. The British city of Liverpool is also following Ghent's lead. We would like Reading to also become vegetarian once a week.

If Reading's citizens went vegetarian one day a week that would save the equivalent of 25,000 tons of CO2 p.a. (that's the same as removing 8300 cars from the roads). If they went vegan (no diary or eggs) then that would be nearly 50,000 tons (that's 16,600 cars!). This initiative would also have a very beneficial effect on our citizens health.

Debate this issue at the Reading Eco Veggie Fayre

26. Get Stephanie Meyer to Publish Midnight Sun

Sign this petition to get Stephanie Meyer to publish Midnight Sun (the 5th book in the Twilight series) for teens. Her rough draft was put online and it has been printed and sold. She is very upset and doesn't want to publish it anymore.

Please sign!


More than 40% of Americans don't read books, according to the National Endowment for the Arts. The NATIONAL READ-IN PETITION urges President & Mrs. Obama to choose books and discuss them with Americans, because reading unlocks doors.

Author Stefan Lonce conceived the NATIONAL READ-IN PETITION while searching for a publisher for his forthcoming book, "LCNS2ROM – LICENSE TO ROAM: VANITY LICENSE PLATES AND THE GR8 STORIES THEY TELL. Please visit for NATIONAL READ-IN FAQ's; show your support by signing the petition, and by getting READN vanity license plates.

28. Bring Back Rugby Posts In Reading

Since 2000 all the public Rugby posts in Reading have slowly disappeared and either been replaced by Football pitches or by nothing.

This leaves the people of Reading nowhere to play Rugby except private clubs.

This restricts Rugby to Public Schools and Countrysides.

This Petition is designed to pressure local authorities to bring back the posts so that WE have the choice of what sports we play and not them.

29. Second Storey Ruin to Play Reading Festival 2008 OR Festival Republic to put on a local band stage!

Ok we dream of playing at one of our hometown's biggest gigs and we feel that there's more interest of unsigned acts!

Why not have a local band stage for Reading, Leeds already do!


30. Billerica Public Schools Summer/Vacation Homework Petition

We are asking for the Billerica Public School Board to eliminate homework assigned over vacation as most students are on vacation with their families. Many students do not have the time to do Vacation Homework.

We are also asking in the Petition Below for Summer Homework to be counted as extra credit as many students go away over vacation and do not have the time to do the assigned homework.

We are also asking for the elimination of homework assigned over vacation and due, for full credit, during the middle of the vacation.

If you have any comments, concerns, or anything you would like to add please email me through this website or at and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank - You for your Support