Mr. Lera and Mr. Ricci
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Anthony Rossi Intermediate School formerly had a ninth period, until higher officials decided to remove this "superfluous" period (as referred to by some faculty) for the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 school years. Ninth period provided forty (40) minutes to students to work on homework, go outside, visit the library, study, assemble for school clubs, and participate in other educational and non-academic activities.

The removal of ninth period resulted in an addition of five (5) minutes to each period. Since the elimination of ninth period, it is becoming harder and harder for pupils of this school -

* to visit the library (which includes borrowing books and other media for required Accelerated Reader tests, taking the tests, use reference books at the library to aid them in their school work, and other library related activities)

* to get together in groups for school clubs (which includes all clubs at Rossi Intermediate school that would like to meet during ninth period in order to (a) have more time for their club meetings [ninth period and after school] and (b) meet during ninth period so the instructor(s) and student(s) don't have to stay after school, reducing the amount of students on the activity bus, and possibly reducing the number of missed busses,

* to study (this is especially true with multiple student studying, which has been proven to be more effective), work on group projects, and partake in other activities normally available during ninth period. Presently, the current period schedule provides less than twenty (20) minutes to complete all of these activities (mathematical equation: one period = 40 minutes, silent reading is ½ of the lunch/silent reading period, minus two minutes for the bell change. So, (45 x .5)-2 is 20 [rounded from 20.1], then you must take into consideration extra time to get a pass written, walk down to the library, walk back from the library and other lag time due to the shortness of silent reading), that's only if you can get a pass, seeing that only three students may be permitted a pass to the library at any given time.

We, the undersigned, want to re-establish ninth period at Anthony Rossi Intermediate School. Every period would have forty (40) minutes instead of the present forty-five (45). This ninth period would allow students, as well as teachers to visit the library, get together in groups for school clubs, to study, work on group projects, and partake in other activities normally available during ninth period. Not to mention the fact that ninth period would allow free time to students who do not wish to participate in the previously listed activities (students would be able to go outside with supervision of an adult teacher).

In addition to the obvious fact that most school children would like free time outside, it would help them to be more physically fit, more social, and would help prepare them for physical fitness testing.

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