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Louis Walsh, BMG Records
United Kingdom

My sister and I live in Devon and we've tried for the last 4 or so years to meet westlife or to go to a signing. However as we live virtually 200 miles away from any major city they sign or play concerts at, we have to usually pay £200+ on travel costs alone. We understand that they only sign at megastores in big cities like London and Birmingham but you are missing out on the southern fans by not coming to the Westcountry. This isn't just Devon and Cornwall this is anywhere past Reading. Anywhere past Reading is in the sticks, we are basically left out!!!

It's getting to the point where we are losing faith in the band and thinking that all you want us for is our money. We don't want to feel like this but after seeing how many fans down south are losing out we think we should be given a chance to see our idols too. After contacting many of the major record stores asking why they don't have them in the Westcountry, they then always throw it back saying it's the record companies choice where they go. So are these record companies really looking after us so called fans?

At the end of the day without us fans Westlife would not be famous and I think Westlife and Louis Walsh should think about this.

Help to get Westlife South West of Reading!!! Westlife to Westcountry!!

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