Reading Borough Council
United Kingdom

I am a 21 year old living in the south of England. In December 2003, my boyfriend and I visited a niteclub in Reading called Reflex Bar, it was a new niteclub opened one week prior so we decided to see what it was like.

Whilst we were in there dancing, we kissed each other on the dance floor, and it obviously didnt bother anybody as nobody even looked at us when we did it.

Immediately after kissing, a door-man approached us and ushered us out of the club where we were immediately told to leave. I asked them why this was happening and they would not admit it, and told us to get out of their club. My boyfriend tried to go back in and get our coats but he was stopped.

I raised my voice at this point and refused to be thrown out of a club for being gay, and the bouncer grabbed hold of me and started pulling me down the stairs (IN A HEAD LOCK). A second bouncer then came up and got hold of my arm and it seemed as if I was going to fall, so I held onto a hand rail on the wall, and as they pulled me, it came off in my hand.

After being thrown out, the owner of the club flagged a police car and had me arrested for causing "criminal damage" to his club.

2 months later, I have just left Court for the last time, I HAVE NOT been charged, however the club has apparantly got away scott free from discriminating against us on the grounds of orientation...or so they think...

PLEASE sign this petition to have the club punished for discriminating against us, they lied in their statements and made up a different excuse as to why we were being thrown out, and I will not sit back and let them get away with this.

I hereby wish to ask you to review the license for the Reflex Bar, Reading.

Homophobia can and must not be tolerated in this day in age. It must be dealt with or you are saying it is acceptable to do so.

Reflex Bar, Reading, cannot be allowed to act like this again in the future. An example must be made of them.

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