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Book Title - Alice on the Outside. In the book Alice is a young girl that has questions about sex in which she goes to a family member for answers. We are not against sex education, but in our opinion this book leaves for more questions than it provides answers. Let me remind you that we are talking about girls in grades 6th- 8th exposed to this book, and little girls coming out of ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. (11 year olds)

For goodness sake. Most parents expect that sexual related material is not available to their children in school. The book tells Alice about what it feels like to have a man up inside of her body, and how good it feels to have yourself opening up for a man. It also defines when a man and a woman climax and come at the same time. That it feels like when you masterbate. ALL OF THIS IS IN VERY EXPLICT WORDING. It talks about how quite a few girls have used tampons to stretch themselves in the vagina area so it may not be so painful when you have intercourse.

In our opinion this book has no business in the public school system. You should not have to worry about what your children are being exposed to in the school library. A public library is a totally different situation. These are little minds, little kids that in our opinion have no business reading this at such a fragile age. The book doesn't discuss pregnancy, herpes, aids, things of that nature. Again, in our opinion this book in a public library is a totally different situation than being in our school system. This isn't only for Kentucky, we need to protect our children in the US from this garbage.

We, the undersigned, petition that the book Alice on the Outside be removed from public middle schools in Shelby County Kentucky.

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