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Arista Records

To get TLC's new album promoted properly. Directed to Arista Records.

The new TLC album was scheduled to be released February 3, 2004 but has been removed from the lists at many record stores, and most of the website's (i.e. Amazon, CDNOW, etc.) I, as a TLC fan would like to see more promotion for this album. How do you expect TLC's album to be selling anything, when nobody but TLC fans know about this album. Please make TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, or just appearances to promote this last TLC album. TLC Now and Forever the Hits should be a top selling, due to the 17 hits that are classics, and 2 new hits, that could very well be a #1 hit, if promoted properly.

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The TLC Promotion petition to Arista Records was written by Nathan Histed and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.