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This message is part of a campaign to gather support for an educational video by award-winning jazz/rock/electric-acoustic guitar virtuoso Ney Mello. It arose from discussions on the guitarprinciples.com bulletin boards. Ney (who has been playing for 29 years and is highly praised by among others living legend Al Di Meola) is a frequent contributor on these boards and he mentioned that he would like to make a video to properly explain his knowlege of the development of picking technique (since there are no detailed videos available).

For the video to be made, the guitar education video companies (Hot Licks Video Productions or Hal Leonard Productions) would have to be convinced that there is a market for it.

It is currently intended that the subjects covered by the video will be:

Basic multi-functional pick grip
How to hold the pick for maximum efficiency
Index and thumb movement: when and why
Forearm motion and its importance
Wrist motion
The free stroke and its function
The contact stroke and its function
Specific training methodology to develop both strokes to speeds as high as 16th notes @270 bpm and higher
Strumming: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 string strumming variations and how to execute then properly
Muted rhythm playing for metal guitar
Muted single notes for all styles
Metronome practice: the proven methods
Pure speed training: the conceptual and mental angles needed to make it a reality
Visualising your licks and runs mentally and in your inner ear
Strength training and easy to make training devices to accelerate your progress
The importance of stretching and how to do it properly to prevent injury
Tendonitis prevention with the right training and practice pacing
The influence of dynamics in specific technique selection
Variety in hand positioning for stylistic expression
Pick angles: when and why you need more than one
Mental clarity and imaging: drawing in space with the pick
Incremental growth in tempo and note groupings for maximum gain in the shortest time
How to let the music steer you to the right technical choices in electric and acoustic guitar

We, the undersigned, wish to express our interest in the publication of a video on universal state of the art high performance right hand pick and fingers technique systems by Ney Mello. At the moment no detailed and comprehensive treatment of right hand technique exists on video. These subjects are most effectively taught visually, and the absence of video material is sorely felt. Ney Mello has a uniquely eclectic international background and longtime experience with some of the worlds leading artists, both as an artist and educator. His articulate no-nonsense way of explaining this complex and very underepresented topic will bring fullfillment to all students and pros eager to go to the ultimate level of right hand mastery.

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