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The historic Clean Water Act has been in place nearly 30 years and yet 40% of the nation's waterways are too polluted for Americans to use for swimming or fishing.

A report from Environmental Working Group showed that 42% of state inspections at facilities that had already been found to be in breach of the Clean Water Act in the past were "Drive By" where inspectors were not required to leave get out of their car… and 280 facilities run by known polluters were not inspected at all!

In some cases the fines for breaching the Act are so small that it is cheaper for polluters to pay the fine and keep polluting than to take action to stop the pollution.

The Clean Water Act is in place to improve the waterways of America. If it is not enforced properly water quality will not improve.

To the Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives assembled in Congress:

We the undersigned petition that the House take action to ensure that the Clean Water Act is properly enforced.

We ask this so that our waterways may once be safe to swim and fish in.

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