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Horseland has become too full of people who only care about points. We want to redo horseland, make it as it was before.

When horseland first started, it was a game for people who didn't have their own horses in real life to be able to own, show, and take care of their own horses. Everyone was nice to each other. How many points your horse had didn't matter, and cross-breeds were just as good as pure.
Now, horseland is a zoo. You have dogs, tigers, HOUSEPLANTS, etc. You have to have top horses to be a part of the game. Newbies are looked down on, even though we were all new at one time. Horses are not taken care of. They starve, not taken to the vet, shod, & shown too much. Some horses have to be in 5000+classes a day! Horses are OB and IB, and you now have ArabianXHouseplants!
We vote to redo horseland. Let everyone keep their accounts, and let premis remain premis. But take out all the horses, player points, start everyone out with the same amount of money. Make it harder for horses to gain points. Let horses only be entered in a reasonable number of classes a day/week.

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