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1. Financial support for Gibraltar low income pensioners

The GPSW & PA was formed over 6 years ago by a group of pensioners who do not benefit from an occupational (workplace) pension and desperately struggle to make ends meet, with their Old Age (State) pension as their only means of financial support.

It is lobbying to Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar to establish a minimum income for resident pensioners, in order to afford them a dignified standard of living.

It is also looking to the future to protect today's workers by lobbying for the implementation of legislation, to make workplace (occupational) pensions compulsory.

2. Petition Against Consensual Sex For 12 To 15 Year Olds

As it stands the Sexual Offences Act considers consensual sex below the age of 16 to be an offence. The Amendment to the Sexual Offences Act seeks to reduce this age to 12.We consider this amendment to be absurd for the following reasons:

1. Psychologically under 16’s are not mature enough to make sexual decisions or understand the consequences thereof.

2. It exposes under 16’s to the risks of HIV/Aids and other STDs, prostitutions, statutory rape, abortion and child pornography.

3. It places an unfair burden on parents by taking away their rights to restrain their children from sexual activity. Children will be free to make their own decisions regarding sex.

4. School communities will become platforms for sexual activity for learners. Education staff will be unable to contend with sexually unruly and chaotic learners.

5. It will lead to an increase in teenage pregnancies. School drop-out will increase and unemployment and other socio-economic problems in the country will soar.

6. It violates the Child Protection Act because it will be “exposing or subjecting a child to behaviour that may harm the child psychologically or emotionally”.

7. It will encourage the growth of child pornography as an industry and other crimes in South Africa. International black-market demands will be made on SA since sex with under 16’s is illegal in other nations.

8. It will permit under 16’s to undertake abortions without the presence of parents or adult guardians.

Other nations, including the United States, do not promulgate consensual sex for under 16’s. If this amendment is successful it will make South Africa the most liberal nations in the world with regard to the age of sexual consent!

The authority to decide the destiny of minor children should lie with their parents/ guardians. As responsible citizens of South Africa we must prevent laws that expose our children to harm. The rights of our children are cannot be violated. The rights of children must be secured at all costs.

As parents, guardians and responsible citizens I sign this petition and thereby express my disapproval of the amendment to give under 16’s consent to engage in sexual activity.

3. Bring back the original Garfield and Friends TV show

Garfield and Friends ( ) was an American animated television series based on the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis. It ran from September 17, 1988 to December 10, 1994.

Each episode included segments featuring both Garfield and U.S. Acres/Orson's Farm, a lesser-known comic strip also created by Davis. There is a television show on Cartoon Network called ( ) but it does not include U.S. Acres/Orson's Farm. It also uses a different type of animation.

4. reboot xbox classics ips to xbox one

They're alot of original xbox games that many people missed out on and could be rebooted and given some love for new and old fans.

Games i believe should be rebooted for xbox one are the platformer blinx the time sweeper, the co op shooter brute force, the foul mouth squirrel conker bad fur day, the rpg that could rivals fable jade empire, the insane horrific game the suffering, beyond good and evil, the funky styles of jet set radio, and becoming a god in the game black and white with would work great with kinect 2.0.....etc their were so many great games that deserves a second or third shot and could become what they were meant to be. Microsoft just sitting on great ips that need to be played.

Help me show Microsoft that we want these games that feel made for us not just one kind of genre. Unique platformers,strategic spooters, mmos,insane horror,rpgs and action adventure games something for everyone.

5. Keep David and Andrew in Ye Olde Talbot Uttoxeter

David and Andrew have been landlords of Ye Olde Talbot, Uttoxeter, for 12 years. Their current contract ends in 6 months.

Punch Taverns want to increase their rent by approx. 9.5 percent. This makes it completely unaffordable for David and Andrew to continue running Ye Olde Talbot.

Therefore, this petition is to request that Punch Taverns rethink the untenable rates they are imposing.

6. Put old Disney movies and TV shows back on!

We want old Disney shows and movies on.

If Nick@Nite can have Friends we can have old shows.

7. Save Old Cartoons

Teletoon used to have tons of great shows that all ages could enjoy such as the Johnny Bravo, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Doodlez, Fly Tales, Ed Edd & Eddy, Angela Anaconda, BraceFace, What About Mimi, Padington Bear, Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show, Scooby Doo Where Are You? What's With Andy Etc Etc Etc....

All Theses Shows Were Amazing and filled our lives with joy But something else that was fantastic was the Promos and There Old Logo. There New Logo is so boring and bland.

They stopped making those shows in favor of shows that are suitable ONLY for younger audiences (age 7 and down). We want to get these shows back on the air as re-runs.

Please Support This Even If You're Not Into these shows and show your support.

8. Bring Back the Old Maplestory

Maplestory is a popular free MMO Game on the Pc. Maplestory was created by the company Wizet and was debuted in the United States in 2003. Although maplestory was created by Wizet, Nexon Bought Wizet along with maplestory. Ever since the game has been bought and managed by Nexon, it's going down the drain. Many of you early Maplestory users may remember the "Golden Days" of maplestory (2005-2008 or about V62); I sure know that I do.

Those were the days that were the peak of our childhoods, and maplestory was actually a fair, fun, diverse, and enjoyable game. Ever Since the big bang update, Nexon has been getting out of touch with their true fans. Ever since Big Bang, it changed the interior coding of the game and that update would have changed maplestory for bad. Ever since, they have been releasing a lot of useless and unfair jobs. Nexon has removed the fair and fun aspect of Maplestory. Today, Maplestory is not even close to what it was in 2005-2008, it has completely changed. Nexon, I'm not asking for you to change your game completely, I'm just asking for you guys to create another maplestory with Version 62 on it, so we can play the old maplestory again.

Please Nexon, by doing this it will attract more than a million old maplestory players that have quitted because of big bang. This will actually BENEFIT you nexon, your player base, respect, profits and loyalty will all increase. Thank you and I hope you really take this into consideration.

9. Play the old shows Disney

Cory in the House

The Replacements

The Emperor's New School

American Dragon: Jake Long

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

The Buzz on Maggie

Dave the Barbarian

Phil of the Future

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

That's So Raven

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Mike's Super Short Show

Kim Possible

Totally in Tune

Lizzie McGuire

The Proud Family

Totally Hoops

Totally Circus

In a Heartbeat

Even Stevens

The Jersey

Z Games

So Weird

Movie Surfers

Mab Libs

Bug Juice

The Famous Jett Jackson

Flash Forward

10. Give Quizazz Back!

Recently, the website was revamped. Before, it used to be a classic page where users could browse through many quizzes and stories with ease.

Now, the whole design has been changed. To view the latest posts, you have to go to home. To browse through slightly older stories and quizzes, you have to select which ones to browse through, while keeping another tab open to keep track of latest posts. Even the name of the site has been changed from Quizazz to Quotev.

Quotef now looks like FaceBook, which many do not want. Please bring back the old Quizazz that so many of us are familiar with.


For those of you who HAVE seen the movie Old Boy, I don't need to explain at all why it should never be remade.

For those of you who HAVEN'T seen the film, it is a 2003 South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook that will blow your mind. It's simply such an incredibly unique and well done picture that it deserves to stand forever alone as a cult-classic.


MP Kate Hoey and a small group of residents are vigorously lobbying TfL bosses for a LIVE bus station in the square in the heart of Clapham Old Town. This scheme will involve up to six live bus stands with platforms, shelters, signage and commercial lighting, taking up the majority of the square and leaving the Old Town Square open to development as a transport hub.

The Clapham Regeneration Project (formerly Clapham Gateway Project) began with Venn St and was due to stretch down to the Old Town to include a landscaped public square and 4 ‘waiting only’ bus stands (parked up). It works logistically, aesthetically and is in tune with the community’s need for a smooth bus service. It’s TfL approved, funded and all ready to go.
The local community is unaware that this project is under threat.

We URGENTLY need you, the local community, our neighbours and local businesses to show support for the Clapham Regeneration Project. The plans implemented now will be in place for decades to come.


13. Cheaper Mobile Phone Deals for Under 18's

We have discovered that Mobile Phone companies overcharge on their mobile phone deals, from a short survey we had composed Orange had appeared to be the most popular company for our age group that we are targeting (15-18yrs).

We are now intending to create a online petition so people will be able to sign up and see that we can make a difference. The actual deal itself consists of 200 free texts while on contract on Orange. We believe that this deal is fair, and would come very useful for our target audience.

Once an acceptable amount of people have signed the petition we will take this, as part of our evidence to Orange.

14. Give us back the Old Myspace

I believe that the old Myspace should be brought back, such as the Myspace that was a place for friends unlike the new Myspace that is now a place for music entertainment.

Facebook is way worse than Myspace ever was. With Facebook, I feel like there is no privacy as much. I feel it's too public and with the old Myspace, I felt safe. On the old Myspace, we were able to customize our profile to describe with also music that we liked ! Where Facebook doesn't.

Myspace has lost over 75% of it's population because of the complicated new Myspace. I feel like whoever owns it now, has changed the site into something else. I actually contacted Myspace and ask them to change it back, but they felt like it was too complicated for us.

WHAT ??? That was the easiest site for me and nobody had a problem with it as far as I know.

15. Bring back the old Fantage! Go Fantage Japan!

Fantage japan was a good website, we all liked it but fantage closed it, so WE WANT IT BACK! WHO'S WITH ME??!!

PLS SIGN IT AND MAYBE ONE DAY I WILL SEND THIS PETITION TO FANTAGE AND COMMAND FOR THE OLD FANTAGE, lower prices! no bullying! no non VS mems! everyone was living in harmony!

16. Bring GOLD to Freeview

I am starting this petition to try and get the TV channel GOLD (formerly UK Gold, UKTV Gold and G.O.L.D.) to join Freeview and be available to Freeview viewers.

The channel predominantly shows classic British comedies like Only Fools and Horses, Blackadder, One Foot in the Grave and Fawlty Towers for the vast majority of the day.

The channel is currently available only on Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk TV.

I feel it would be a great advantage to people who have Freeview, and who do not want to spend a lot of money on buying Sky/Virgin etc. Many people are fond of these old sitcoms.

Thank you and please sign.

17. Support Annual Driver Check-Ups after Age 65

Something terrible just happened to one of our friends. He is a trucker and was doing one of his jobs. It happened in Key West. He stepped out of his truck and a Buick car with and 85 year old man and an 83 year old woman hit him and dragged him 20 feet from his truck.

Long story short, he died. We were all devastated. The Buick stopped 400 feet from the truck. We don't know why they stopped so far but i think there should be a law about this.

18. More CARTOONS on CN

for years cartoon network entertained families with their humorous cartoons and anime ,but now car ...... i mean CN has changed to one of those lame live action channels i mean is't that why we have disney and nick. any way cartoons are the things that brings family together so sign this petition to draw your family closer to the tv and to enjoy all the oldies but goodies we miss.

19. We All Want Old Piczo Back

Check Out, It used to be so easy. Now it sucks. BACK ME UP PEEPZ!

20. New Mytchett Concrete Skatepark

The Mytchett skatepark itself, skateboarders feel very limited to one ramp. the wooden ramp of the park is chipped and is hard for skateboarders to skate, this damage is caused by the bmxers, having a concrete park and bowl next to the existing, wouldn't get damaged, and would be used so much more by the skateboarding community.

21. Bring Back the ANALOG phone network (AMPS)

Many of you may have an OLD brick phone or Motorola bagphone hanging around the house, and must remember the days when using a phone was for talking only, and the great reception provided by these nostalgic phones.

These phones are for Talking, and talking only, no mms or mobile internet, just regular talking, what the phone was designed for. Now this is not a petition against modern phones (there great) but nothing beats being able to carry a phone around your shoulder, using a car phone(not while driving of course) or carrying a Motorola Dynatac brick.

Those were the days, until Telstra Australia had a stupid idea to turn the AMPS system off in 2000, and then the CDMA off in 2008. But with the billions they make every year, they are bound to have a old AMPS transmission tower somewhere and could reactivate just one in a major city such as Sydney.

22. KotOR Awesomeness Multiplier!

Mission Vao is an annoying and useless character in KotOR, who's only real purpose in the game is the make you feel a more complete sense of accomplishment when you kill her towards the end. Canderous Ordo on the other hand, is pretty cool.

Canderous and Mission don't get along, so it would most assuredly be awesome and fitting to expand this, so they would eventually fight to the death. It would also give at least some reason to tolerate Mission's annoying presence in your party for any length of time, so you could have the pleasure of murdering her earlier.

23. Bring Jericho Scott back to Youth Baseball League

I am Trinidadian but I know a foul ball when I see one.

When this petition was written, Jericho Cross was nine years old when the Youth Baseball League said that he was banned from playing baseball. The truth was Jericho was an excellent pitcher whose only crime was choosing the team sponsored by Will Power Fitness over the defending team sponsored by one the YBL's administrators. Yes, the decision to ban Jericho from baseball is biased.

What kind of decision is this to ban an excellent player from a league like YBL? It is unjust, unfair and unbelieveable. Gifted players should be playing baseball with everyone else. Anyone who comes across this petition should sign up now and defend the child's right to play baseball.

Here's the whole story:;_ylt=AiGtWayraLNaRy7g05SymyAazJV4?slug=ap-toogoodtopitch&prov=ap&type=lgns

24. Allow Young People (13-19) to stand as MPs

As being part of a Youth Forum and Area Forum, I have had some amazing experiences including Voice Conferences and Parliaments for all our local schools and colleges but I think this should be made more accessible to more Young People.

25. Stop Country Radio Replacing Old Country with New Country

A lot of Fans Have Been Requesting New Country Music From Older Artist and in reply we get They only play NEw Country Not Just NEw Music But New artist as well.

A lot of us feel that new country would not be here if it wasn't for our legends and some are still working hard to give us New music and if country radio doesn't play them We Loose Our Legends.

I like NEw Country But i like Old Country as well.

So let's Lobby FOR A MIXTURE of both.

26. Enough with the weirdo Digimon season! Let bring back the old characters!

OK,Digimon season 1 good
season2 good
season 3,great(my opinion)
season 4 good
season 5 not so much!
Ok My question is.WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE CHARATERS!Agumon is no longer Tai's partner!0_o.If you think about it it's a waste,Renamon,impmon,veemon,gabumon,matt,rika, kouji , guilmon,hawkmon,gatomon,Davis,and all the other are classics,GREAT characters.They are all very origanal and cool.(those of you digihaters who think patamon looks lik pikachu,Please get your eyes examined).Anyways Im tring to say that why dose digimon use characters for one season then abandon them!?Renamonimpmon&all the digimon from season 3 are too good for 1 season,same gose for season 4. allthoguh Gaomon is cute,looks like Riolu in a weird way,(A non copying way.)I would love to have the old characters back,and the animation,anyone else think the new animation dos'nt match digimon.xD it's TOOOOOO much like all the other animes.BUT it' would'nt bother me as much if the old guys where back.

Sorry for typos im not feeling well so my typing sucks right now.

27. 強烈抗議梁老師繼續在香港某所著名中學任教

1. 教學手法乃10年前所用的教法
2. 用英文教中文